Cash withdrawals at most banks

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Cash withdrawals at most banks


Shalom Manguni and Bethel Bayanai

Most banks and building societies yesterday offered varying withdrawal limits ranging from $50 to 100 per day, while  a few allowed a full $300 weekly ration.

A survey conducted by H-Metro revealed that most banks in the Central Business District were providing cash in the morning but some had ran out of cash by midmorning.

NEDBANK Zimbabwe:

Nedbank Jason Moyo branch allowed a full weekly ration of $300 and depositors expressed dismay after the bank issued out 25c coins saying they are being rejected in the dealer shops and vendors.

Stanbic Bank:

Stanbic Bank Nelson Mandela Branch allowed daily $100 bank notes per individual and $300 for companies per week as the bank staff revealed cash withdrawals since Tuesday.

The bank allowed customers to withdraw cash from Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

FBC Bank:

FBC Nelson Mandela branch, there was no cash yesterday but on Wednesday depositors withdrew $100 per day just like some of the banks.


Ecobank allowed withdrawals of $100 per head, amid long queues, which grew as the day progressed. The bank was also offering a maximum withdrawal amount of $100 per day and $300 per week to both companies and individuals. Depositors were getting both coins and notes

CBZ Bank:

Unlike other banks CBZ Angwa branch was offering coins only and withdrawals were from early morning.  Less than 200 people were allowed to withdraw yesterday and they give cash according to numbers given in a queue.

NMB Bank:

NMB Bank depositors withdrew $100 per person and $200 for companies.

Steward Bank:

Steward bank Joina City branch allowed withdrawals from early morning yesterday and deposited were getting $100 per day.

Standard Chartered:

Standard Chartered allowed withdrawals of up to $300 per individual.

ZB Bank:

ZB bank permitted $100 in the morning before it ran out of cash later in the day.


CABS Park Street Branch, the withdrawal range stretched between $50 to $100


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