Caster dedicates album to Covid-19 victims

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Caster dedicates album to Covid-19 victims Caster Vhengere


Praise Masvosva, Entertainment Reporter
Gospel musician Caster Vhengere says he dedicates his second album titled Kurwa Kwakanaka to all Covid-19 victims.
Better known as Pastor Caster Wenyasha, the 34-year-old believes his second offering will take him to another level.

The album hit the music market over the weekend carries 11 tracks namely Mufaro wangu, Musandipfuure, Nditenderei, Ndaremerwa, Zviradzei mega, Kutaura kwenyu Watokanganwa and Tumirai mweya.

Three next trio of songs – Ave Mambo, Zvaringana and the title track Kurwa Kwakanaka – makes the album complete.
” The title track Kurwa Kwakanaka is a dedication to all Covid-19 victims.

“It seeks to strengthen and give hope to the people of Zimbabwe as we battle this pandemic.

“On another note I have quoted the Bible, Samuel 14 vs 14, which, it talks about death and the hope of uniting after death,” he said.

He added:

“The song Mufaro wangu is a prayer for all those who are now back tracking on their faith. The song strength hearts of believers in these trying times.

“This whole album encourages people to invite the presence of God in our lives despite all the challenges we are facing.

“We will be rewarded for our hard work, look Joseph in the bible was hated by his brothers to the extent of being sold but God raised him to be one of the leaders.”

The album was produced by Lyton Ngolomi of Lyton Studios.

The Bikita bred entertainer said his wish is to help other upcoming artistes and help people in needy.

“As upcoming artistes it is very hard to get money for studio time.

“My background is not that rosy and my heart bleeds for people who are in needy.

“We continue to call for sponsorship in our gospel genre.

“I also want to adopt two or three people, i will be providing them with groceries and other basic needs with the little I have.

“Special thanks go to Emison Gurira from South Africa, Bishop Chirwa the leader of Zvapupu ZvaJesu Apostolic Church, Bishop Matanhike and my fans for their support,” he said.

Last year dopped his debut album titled Ndigadzikei Panyasha and early this year he released the song Simukai Vatendi which received a fair share of airplay on local radio stations.

Vhengere also told this publication that he will be shooting videos to complement these audios.

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