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Castle Lite Unlocks King 98 King 98 signs an autograph


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…upcoming star rocks Mozambique

AS the “Castle Lite Unlocks” music concert to be held at the Ticket Pro Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa draws nearer – various countries in the region are finishing up their build up events.

Zimbabwe already did three activations in Harare, Gweru and Bulawayo. Maputo did its own show last Saturday, and Zimbabwe was represented at the high-profile gig, which featured South Africa’s Nasty C as well as Laylizzy, one of Mozambique’s biggest and most famous performers.

King 98 on stage in Mozambique

King 98 was the face of Zimbabwe at the gig where he delivered an outstanding hip-hop experience. The Shoko singer, who is increasingly becoming the face of the country’s hip-hop young crop, rose to the occasion, giving an exceptional account of himself.

In a country where the dominant language is Portuguese – an English singing King 98 was a surprise hit. His playlist, completely different from his Lusaka act three weeks ago, was crafted with his Maputo audience in mind. The South Africa-based Zimbabwean had the crowd eating from the palm of his hand. Helping matters even more, was the fact that Mozambicans have already familiarised themselves with King 98’s collaboration with Laylizzy and Nasty C, Wacko.

Wacko, which is on the artist’s debut offering, Francesca, is trending in Africa at the moment. An accompanying video for the song is due for release on June 21.

Unlike most local shows, which mix different genres to cater for varying musical tastes – the Maputo show was strictly hip-hop. King 98 showed that music is a universal language – making his audience singalong to most of his songs.

Like a true hip-hop cat, King 98’s confidence was through the roof.

“They knew my lyrics. It’s amazing. I don’t know what my management has done, but our name is definitely out there,” said King 98, who had to sign a lot of autographs after his performance.

King 98’s manager, DJ Simms, was full of praise for his artist and the reception they got in Mozambique.

“It was a good experience being in Mozambique and we loved the response. We were a bit concerned about the language issue but we were pleasantly surprised when the audience started singing along.

“The music fans also requested the song, Wacko, which is on our debut album Francesca. King 98 was really happy with the way the crowd responded. The combination of DJ Silence Dosh on the decks and Aliekeys on the keyboard is proving to be very solid. The music really comes out,” said DJ Simms.

The manager also thanked King 98’s parents for making his job easier by actively supporting the artist in his endeavours.

“I am grateful to my team. They put in a lot of hard work. But I also appreciate the input and active support that we get from King 98’s parents – it is easier to make it when we have such strong support,” he added.

King 98 is the son of Impala Car Hire boss, Thompson Dondo. The 21-year-old is currently studying towards a degree in music and arts at the University of Pretoria, South Africa


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