21 mins ago | December 1, 2022

EDITORIAL COMMENT: We can stop this rape scourge

IN our Tuesday’s front page, we ran a sad story about a spike in rape cases countrywide.

1 day ago | November 30, 2022

EDITORIAL COMMENT: What happened to real friendship?

GENUINE friends are hard to come by these days.

2 days ago | November 29, 2022

EDITORIAL : When will this madness stop?

SHARING and recording of nude or sexually explicit videos or pictures is both wicked and criminal in Zimbabwe.

3 days ago | November 28, 2022

6 days ago | November 25, 2022

EDITORIAL : Good start for World Cup

THE 2022 World Cup has been quite a bang, so far, after completing its first round of group matches in Qatar yesterday.

1 week ago | November 24, 2022

EDITORIAL : Let’s take care of our kids

FATHERHOOD is every man’s dream.

1 week ago | November 23, 2022

Editorial comment: House of horror should be investigated

SANCTUARY, genuine love and peace of mind are needed in life. Life should be well lived and celebrated all the time. ...

1 week ago | November 22, 2022

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Munetsi now a proper role model

SOME world renowned footballers are known for their extravagant lifestyles. Off field drama has become their middle ...

1 week ago | November 21, 2022

EDITORIAL : Regular health check-ups vital

A HEALTHY body, proper diet and constant checks on mental wellness can make one live longer.

2 weeks ago | November 18, 2022

Editorial comment: Rufaro stadium saga sad

RUFARO Stadium is an eyesore. Years of being neglected by the men and women, who were supposed to play the leading role ...

2 weeks ago | November 17, 2022

EDITORIAL : City council admission worrisome

HARARE City Council’s admission that it has failed to maintain the clogged drainage system should not be taken lightly.

2 weeks ago | November 16, 2022

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Beware of bogus H-Metro reporters

BOGUS reporters abusing our name to dupe people of their money are back in full force.

2 weeks ago | November 15, 2022

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Let’s respect decisions by women

MEN who torment young women after their love proposals are turned down are evil people.

2 weeks ago | November 14, 2022


CASES of lustful married men wrecking other couples’ marriages continue to haunt us.

3 weeks ago | November 11, 2022

EDITORIAL : The tout menace needs to be crushed

TOUTS harassing, assaulting and stealing from long distance travellers have become a menace in the capital.