1 day ago | November 23, 2020

Masks on please

OUR story today, headlined “Footballers urged to adhere to Covid-19” could not have come at a better time. The story ...

1 week ago | November 14, 2020

Ginimbi was no ordinary guy

Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure was by no means an ordinary guy. This is why his death broke the internet. This is why news ...

4 weeks ago | October 29, 2020

Stop the violence

FOR over a decade now, there have been some videos that have made waves on social media in Zimbabwe for the wrong reasons.

10 months ago | February 7, 2020

Control your drinking habits

The story of a Zimbabwean man who fell to his death off a two-story building in Johannesburg, South Africa, made really ...

10 months ago | February 6, 2020

Shocking! Downright diabolic!

TODAY we carry a story headlined, ‘Father, son, rape daughter (11)’ in which a 41-year-old father was hauled to court ...

10 months ago | February 4, 2020

Is your relationship balanced?

February has begun, a month generally regarded as the month of love, and people are busy planning for their loved ones.

11 months ago | January 14, 2020

EDITORIAL: AS schools open today . . .

TODAY schools have opened and quite a number of pupils are stressed – not by the idea of writing many pages of notes, ...

11 months ago | January 8, 2020

EDITORIAL: Protect the mentally challenged

Today we have a story headlined “Man rapes mentally challenged minor”. Although this story is still subjudice, this is ...

11 months ago | January 7, 2020

Get rid of Mashurugwi

In a society where we were condemning acts of violence from domestic to social or political and calling for an end to ...

11 months ago | January 6, 2020

Let’s eat vegetables

The President’s light-hearted comments suggesting that people must eat less meat and more vegetables have gone viral on ...

2 years ago | September 14, 2018

Know your tourist attractions

14 September 2018 Today we have a story on the majestic Great Zimbabwe – an amazing tourist attraction not only for ...

2 years ago | June 28, 2018

No Shinso, that’s not how it’s done

The relationship battle between Shinsoman and dancer Rutendo Popo Chigwada where the former is denying responsibility ...

2 years ago | June 27, 2018

Feel shame, Sunningdale parents

27 June 2018 The story of parents and guardians demonstrating against alleged Satanism and corruption which they said ...

3 years ago | January 30, 2018


DENVER MUKAMBA’S situation sounds and looks dire. It’s fraught with hopelessness and the young man may not even realise it.

3 years ago | January 19, 2018


YESTERDAY’S story headlined “Rogue drivers arrested” in which 37 rogue drivers were arrested for reckless driving and ...