3 months ago | June 14, 2021

We went to sleep again

Covid-19 has once again reminded us that we have not rid ourselves of the virus and it is living amongst us.

3 months ago | June 11, 2021

Do something about potholes

THE sight of cars and danger warning triangles alongside our highways as drivers attend to their cars after hitting ...

3 months ago | June 10, 2021

Violence only enflames hatred

THE story of a man who teamed up with his mother to assault his wife made sad reading.

3 months ago | June 9, 2021

Things getting out of hand

EVERY day the word cheating or clichés like “caught red handed”, “small house” or adultery appear in newspapers and have ...

3 months ago | June 8, 2021

Take social media news with a pinch of salt

WHEN Beverly Sibanda posted what she thought was a social joke on her social media, tongues were quick to wag.

4 months ago | June 4, 2021


Reports of women or children dying during childbirth or due to pregnancy complications are worrying.

4 months ago | June 1, 2021

There is always hope

Many people think suicide is an option – until they actually try it.

4 months ago | May 31, 2021

Don’t legitimize sex with minors

Stories of young girls who are supposed to be in school getting married to older men who would have taken advantage of ...

4 months ago | May 28, 2021

Mob attacks ill-advised

The story of a suspected thief who was murdered by a mob accused of stealing from a tuckshop in Manzou area made sad ...

4 months ago | May 27, 2021

Too many sexual offences

The level of public immorality prevailing in the country is astonishingly sad.

4 months ago | May 26, 2021

Africa has many battles

Yesterday we commemorated and celebrated Africa Day. The day coincided in beautiful fashion with the unveiling of Mbuya ...

4 months ago | May 21, 2021

We are doing well on Covid-19

News that the B.1.617, Covid-19 variant first identified in India is now in Zimbabwe is worrying. Worrying because India ...

4 months ago | May 20, 2021

Handle drugs problem

The move by reggae artists, led by roots reggae exponent Trevor Hall, to dedicate this year’s Africa Day towards ...

4 months ago | May 19, 2021

Pay attention on the arts

THE recently released O’ Level results have brought about the same issues that have been raised over the past years.

4 months ago | May 18, 2021

Promote reading culture

A lot of the things haunting the world now need the young people to be well read.