3 weeks ago | March 1, 2023

EDITORIAL : Let’s trust police processes

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is known for its due diligence and dedication to work when discharging its duties.

3 weeks ago | February 28, 2023

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Speak out about mental health issues

SONGBIRD Pauline Ngundidza’s recent confession that she was an alcoholic and a survivor of depression shows that ...

3 weeks ago | February 27, 2023

EDITORIAL : Let’s reward artists on merit

THE arts merit awards season has just begun.

4 weeks ago | February 24, 2023

EDITORIAL COMMENT : We’re proud of our teachers

ZIMBABWEAN schoolteachers have always been ranked among the best in the world.

4 weeks ago | February 23, 2023

EDITORIAL : Mupande has no place near a school

It goes without saying that activities of teachers within the realm of a school play a critical role in shaping the ...

4 weeks ago | February 22, 2023

Editorial comment: Arrest of fake money con artists is welcome

THE arrest of four men, who were printing wads of fake US dollars, shows that we have some serious criminals among us. ...

4 weeks ago | February 21, 2023

EDITORIAL : Tryson needs help to deal with his demons

MENTAL health is something which has become quite a huge challenge for us as a nation.

1 month ago | February 20, 2023

Editorial Comment: Let’s create future entrepreneurs

Flamboyant rapper and businessman, Mudiwa Hood’s move to launch the Billionaire Academy Club at all universities in the ...

1 month ago | February 17, 2023

EDITORIAL : Cranborne murder has shaken all of us

THE death of a Cranborne woman, who was murdered on Monday night on her way home from work, has cast a dark shadow ...

1 month ago | February 16, 2023

Editorial comment: Don’t joke around with death

DEATH is an unwelcome visitor who brings sorrow and misery into people’s lives. Its impact is strongly felt since it ...

1 month ago | February 15, 2023

Editorial comment: We should not wait for Valentine’s Day

YESTERDAY was St Valentine’s Day. It’s a special day dedicated to love birds across the globe.  Expensive gifts are ...

1 month ago | February 14, 2023

EDITORIAL COMMENT: AFM must end perennial chaos

THE ongoing factional fights at the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe (AFM) Church bring shame to the body of Christ, ...

1 month ago | February 13, 2023

EDITORIAL COMMENT : Govt’s move on January Disease laudable

Government’s move to officially launch a countrywide campaign against January Disease ((Theileriosis) which kills ...

1 month ago | February 10, 2023

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Let’s condemn drag races @ ranks

KOMBI drivers that drove and skidded dangerously at the Simon Vengesai Muzenda Street (formerly Fourth Street) terminus ...

1 month ago | February 9, 2023

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Suicide not a solution

A SPIKE in suicides involving men is perhaps proof how dire mental health issues are and action is urgently needed to ...