Gamuchirai Bhachi

A Roman Catholic Church woman yesterday claimed that a group of young people from her parish had sent her death threats over a church position. 

Mercy Ndawana alleged that Nancy Muchabaiwa, her daughter Mellisa Tendai Zindoga, and her friends Rodwin Tawaya and Jonathan were harassing her, insulting her, and spreading false rumours about her in a church position dispute. 

She applied for a peace order against them.

“Nancy teamed up with other ladies at church and they always threatened to assault me.

“Rodwin sent his brother to call me threatening to kill me saying he wanted to cause my disappearance.

“Mellisa told my son’s girlfriend that I am a bad woman and I exchanged words with her and she reported the matter at Machipisa Police Station.

“They went to the church elders and lied saying that I should resign from the position,” said Mercy.

The accused youths disputed the allegations, stating that Mercy had insulted them because of their role in the church. 

“I never insulted her, but she had an altercation with my daughter and her friends and they applied for a peace order which they withdrew after the church elder begged them to,” said Nancy.

“She is the one who insulted me at church saying havatongwi nevana because I was given a leading position at church and I am surprised with this summons,” said Rodwin.

Mellisa and Rodwin also denied insulting Mercy, saying they were surprised to be hauled to court by her.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira dismissed the matter for lack of merit.

“Parties seem to have a dispute over a church position,” said magistrate Mashavira.

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