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. . . wife’s lover fined US$70

Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

THERE was drama on Friday in Epworth when a man fined his wife’s married lover after he caught them having sex at her sister’s house.

Garikai Njovo demanded US$70 from Godknows Shavi for bedding his wife Monica Kondo and forced her to pack her belongings before taking her to her home village in Murewa.

Fined…Godknows Shavi

Kondo, a mother of two, was saved by one of the residents from receiving instant justice from the crowd.

Garikai Njovo

Shavi’s wife only identified as Mai Bee, is the one who caught the two and also wanted Kondo bashed.

Good Samaritan holding bucket of water dispersing crowd

People besieged the Good Samaritan’s house where Kondo was kept. They had to disperse the crowd by splashing water.

Mai Bee (right)

Shavi told H-Metro that his shenanigans with Kondo started three weeks ago and they used her sister’s bedroom as their love nest.

Mai Bee in white top

“Njovo is my neighbour and I fell in love with his wife while he was in Kadoma where he works and the relationship has been on for the past three weeks,” said Shavi.

Monica Kondo

“We used to meet at her sister’s house where I was caught by my wife.


“He demanded money for my freedom and I paid and that saved me from being attacked by the crowd.

Admission of guilt letter signed by Shavi

“I am not going to continue with the relationship following this incident,” said Shavi who is a fuel dealer.


Njovo confirmed receiving the money.


He said he wanted to cover expenses to transport Kondo’s belongings to her village.


“I did not assault either Shavi or my wife but I received money to cover transport costs for taking my wife’s belongings to her home village,” said Njovo.


“They were seeing each other during my absence since I work in Kadoma and I returned unexpectedly following a tip off,” he said.


“My neighbour betrayed me and my wife failed to honour our marriage and respect our two children that is why I decided to take her to her parents,” he said.


Mai Bee told H-Metro that she found the two in bed and informed Njovo and her neighbours.


“My husband undressed me as he was bedding a married woman who happens to be my neighbour,” said Mai Bee.


“He wanted to attack me for informing Njovo while counter accusing me of dating him but it failed to hold water because the two were naked.


“As we speak our child is ill but Shavi decided to have quality time with a married woman. Atomupa mari nekuti haangarare naye masikati machena akadai pasina chaanomupa.


“Hanzi wafambirei nemurume uyu saka muri kutodananawo ndikamuti ita mushe nyara nezvawaita,” said Mai Bee holding stones demanding for the release of Kondo from the Good Samaritan’s house.


Kondo refused to entertain H-Metro.


Shavi was ordered to put his admission of guilt on paper and the amount he paid.

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