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. . . caught red handed with ‘supplier’

Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

A Zengeza 4 married hairdresser has been sent packing after being caught red-handed with another man.

Molly Imbayago, who is married to Bernard Matora, had to endure the cold of Sunday night into Monday morning sleeping outside after her husband walked into her allegedly sleeping with another man.

Molly Imbayago

The boyfriend identified as ‘Professor’ seemingly supplies both shampoos and sexual favours for the hairdresser.


He was given a hiding and made to carry Molly’s belongings outside the house.

Bernard Matora

Molly sought help from police, accusing Matora of exposing her two children to the cold overnight.


Molly confirmed bedding several men saying one of them was too seductive to resist arguing that they were set by Matora.

Imbayago hires man to remove her belongings

“My husband, with the help of some of his relatives, wanted me to move away from this family house,” she said.


She added:

“They approached several men to propose to me so as to accuse me of cheating.


“One of the men seduced me with his sweet tongue and I failed to resist his advances and we ended up having sex.

“He is not the one found with me last night; uyu ndeumwewo anonditengesera mashampoo kusalon.


“The incident took place at around 9pm and they severely attacked him that I am not sure if his condition.

“I lodged a report against my husband for forcing my six and eight-year-old children to sleep outside in cold weather.


“Uyu mukomana azotiza pakati pehusiku asi vamushungurudza zvakanyanya.

“Ndanga ndisisadiwe pano saka vaituma varume kuzondipfimba saka regai ndibve zvangu,” said Matora.


Matora confirmed the incident saying several men hooked by Molly have defiled his bedroom and he wants to engage faith healers to cleanse it.

“I caught them red handed between the sheets in my matrimonial bedroom that she has no excuse at all,” said Matora.


“Akandishura chaizvo nekuti ndakabva ndagamuchira shoko rerufu rwehama yangu zvekuti ndirikuda kutoenda kunhamo izvezvi.


“She has been bedding several men and taking them into my house.

“I am going to engage prophets to come and clean my defiled bedroom.


“Ndarwadziwa zvekuti handina kutoziva zita remukomana wacho azotiza husiku asi anenge anzi anogara opposite service station,” said Matora.


H-Metro witnessed Molly taking her belongings to an alternative accommodation within the neighbourhood.


Part of the family house is being rented by a private unregistered school.


One of the neighbours told H-Metro that several of Molly’s lovers that included young and married men would clash over her.


“She has finally been caught red handed by her husband but we have been witnessing several men clashing,” claimed the neighbour.


“At one time one of the lovers was forced to leave the house through an entrance used by school kids.


“Chikomba chakatonzi nditeacher wevana zvekuti mmmm zvangazvakutouraya hupenyu hwevana vake nevechikoro.


“She is a member of a Pentecostal church and does not miss church services apa achipaza imba yake zvino nhasi zvabuda pachena apa sisi vake ndipastor zvakaoma,” said the neighbour.


The boyfriend could not be reached for comment.

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