CCTV exposes laptop thieves

Latwell Nyangu

WORKERS at a shop at Hungwe House, in the Harare central business District (CBD), are searching for suspected thieves who have repeatedly stolen their laptops.

The thieves have been caught on CCTV footage and often posed as customers or workers at the premises.

The workers suspect juju was used in the commission of the crimes.

One criminal, who stole a blue laptop, posed as a potential customer asking about prices.

“We have a serious problem at Hungwe House, as we are losing our valuables. There are people who come here and act as if they work at the premises,” said a shop worker.

One of the victims believes the thieves use juju.

“Maybe, they use juju because they steal vanhu vese tiripo. We have videos from the previous month and on November 7.

“They pose as customers and even ask for prices of the laptops, acting as if they want to buy. Sometimes they act like they are lost and are looking for a certain office.

“The one who stole a blue laptop came on the first day asking the cost of weaves before returning the next day to steal the laptop.”

A police report has been made under IR100749.

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