Maria Chiguvari

WILL celebrated club DJs, Dee-Nice and Dee-Vine, who are collectively known as “The Platinum DJs” rock parties like they used to?

There was a time when Dee-Nice was the Don and he was in such demand he would even be hired to play in England on Friday and be flown back to play in Harare the following day.

He believes he still has the golden touch, even on a landscape that is changing with a number of new-boys making their presence felt.

Back when the Platinum DJs were the kings, music was not just about being a button away because a DJ had to look for new music.

Dee-Nice and Dee-Vine took a break from doing gigs for some time as a team.

But, now, after a decade apart, they are back together and promising to rock the scene again like the champions they used to be.

The dynamic  duo made a public appearance as a team on October 21 at Chez Zandi nightspot in Belgravia.

Dee-Vine said they are back with a bang and old skool music will be the staple diet of their menu.



“We had taken a break from weekly gigs and just doing private functions.

“We were dominant between 2000 to around 2012. 

“The thought of coming back came from the passion for Deejaying and mainly requests from clients who had missed our old school music and the vibe our combination brings. 

“So, we started a weekly Saturday gig for summer strictly for mature people who like good food and good music at Chez Zandi’s.

Our music policy is about old school from the mid ’90s to early 2000s.

“But, if need be, we have the ability to play the new school jams from amapiano, Afrobeats and local, you name it, we have the skills to deliver,” he said.

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