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3 August 2018


ZIMBABWE is a peace-loving nation and the Wednesday protests which led to the deaths of three people have riled many.

The bloody protests by MDC Alliance-inspired youths also came as a betrayal to the peace which prevailed during the build-up to the 2018 harmonised elections.

Celebrities interviewed by H-Metro Reporter ZVIKOMBORERO PARAFFIN yesterday shared their sentiments. Read on…


Boss Spencer and CST

SPENCER MADZIYA (BUSINESSMAN/ENTERTAINER) – It’s imperative that we maintain peace at all costs, the country can only move forward if we accept that we are Zimbabweans.

We exercised our Constitutional right and only the country laws and process should be allowed to take place if any grievance arise. Violence is not the way and will never be but rather peace and unity is what we need.


MISS V CANDY (STAR FM DJ) – Zimbabwe is our country, its’ fate is in our hands, if we get to a point where we are not agreeing let’s find other peaceful and sober ways to resolve any misunderstandings, violence is not the answer. Let’s peacefully build our nation.



SIMBA BODYSLAM CHAKARE (BUSINESSMAN/ENTERTAINER) – To the people of Zimbabwe, I urge you all to CHAKARECHAKAREstay calm and patiently wait for the final results to come out.

Yes, we might defer in our beliefs and political agenda but let’s remain a peace-loving people as before, the killings which happened yesterday am truly saddened and my condolence to the families who lost their loved ones .to the political leaders please don’t incite violence your supporters listen to whatever you say or instruct them to do so let’s just be peace loving nation.


FREEMAN (ARTISTE) – We are praying for peace as a country, personally I am not happy with the developments that happened in the capital. I would also like to take this moment to pass heartfelt condolences to those who lost their family members in the shooting.


ALEXIO KAWARA (ARTISTE) – I would like to ask Zimbabweans to realise that we will get nowhere by being violent. We are all different in our own ways and that’s the beauty of living together. Let’s respect each other’s opinions and resolve our differences in a civil manner. My condolences go to the families who lost their beloved one.

JAH SIGNAL (ARTISTE) – I can’t comment on politics but public violence is bad and people must desist from fighting but rather they should engage in dialogue.


KUCHINEI CHATSAMA (DIVA) – Well, I think we need a system which respects the ballot boxes and honor it. We need a people that respects and knows that a nation is not a nation if we are disrespectful of our different political affiliation. Violence is never a solution. Lives were lost, the woman was dashing home to her family, not even part of the protesters, now we continue with our lives but a life has been prematurely cut short. What will happen to her family? Did we all miss breakfast because she died? No, we have continued with our lives. Who in their right minds sets fire on a black owned business? Who in their right minds shoots to kill unarmed civilians? Have we become inhuman to celebrate death? Are we ever going to be democratic enough to accept that in one household, we can have different political parties? Will that make us aware that we will be killing each other then?


CHARLTON TSODZO (ACADEMIC) – Well, I urge restraint on the part of political parties.

The greatest loser in all of this is the nation of Zimbabwe. We need to find each other and engage in the midst of these contestations. We can’t afford to lose any more lives please…we can’t afford lawlessnes on our streets in the same manner we can’t afford open gunfire as well. We all need to seek a peaceful pathway out of this…let’s give peace a chance…let’s give our country a chance


Diana Samkange

DIANA “MANGWENYA” SAMKANGE (SONGBIRD) – I am an advocate of Zim traditional culture and values and in Shona, my spiritual belief, zvirikuitika munyika imviro mviro dzekusanzwanana kwemadzinza akasiyana siyana.

Everything begins in spiritual realm asi vashoma vaive nemeso ekuona izvi nguva isati yasvika, uye those who saw it before it happened were labelled liars before the time came. I say to ALL political parties and their leaders, simbai chaizvo kuunza mutsigo paivhu rino nekuti mhepo yasimuka zvine simba.

If you ask many of those who are spiritually gifted no matter from which religion, they will confirm that hondo yasimuka haisi pakati pevarikukwikwidzana kwevari mumatongerwo enyika, asi ihondo yasimuka zvine simba kuparadzana mwana weivhu rino.

Vatungamiriri vemapato akasiyana siyana dai makwanisa kukasika kuona dare iri zvine nduramo mayambutsa nyika nguva ichakafanira, before more incidents of loss of lives continue.

I believe behind each and every political leader involved at this juncture there are basic principles.

Lastly, to those who are involved in fueling this instability in our beloved Zimbabwe, I urge all of you that all we want is peace, and harmony. Guide the people. Dzimbahwe handi ivhu rekudeura ropa zvarambwa paivhu rino ratinotsika tese muno munyika uye zvarambwa zvakare kunyangwe ne mumweya (spiritual realm).


CHEMBERE GOOD (SOCIALITE) – My advice is that let us as Zimbabweans be calm and not get overzealous we can be heard without violence let us also not forget that there is indeed life after these elections we must agree to disagree and be tolerant of one another things might not always turn out the way we want them to at the end of it all we are one ….my condolences to the bereaved families.


VIMBAI ZIMUTO (SONGBIRD) – Well violence has never solved anything. It just makes the situation worse.


TAKE FIVE CHAMHEMBE (MUSIC PRODUCER) – I definitely call for peace but my heart bleeds for everyone who lost their mother, brother or sister in the violence. They are left with the burdens of burying their relatives yet the ones that incited the violence are happy and unharmed. Count your blessings!


Pastor Hazvinei Muchefa of (RECFEMI) Redeemed Christian fellowship ministries international …

We encourage the people of Zimbabwe to be united and maintain peace. I know Zimbabwe is a Christian nation and Christ is the one who unite us together so we are one in Christ .Whenever there are some differences we encourage people to sit down and iron out their differences in an amicable way as brothers and sisters. I also encourage people to read Psalm 133vs 1 that says behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.

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