Celebrities spell out Xmas plans

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Celebrities spell out Xmas plans Mai Patai


TOMORROW, believers and non-believers will be celebrating Christmas day.

To Christians, they will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ along with their peers.

It is also that time of the year when old pals meet after a long time merry-making.

H-Metro Assistant News Editor Trust Khosa spoke to a number of celebrities who opened to t this publication on how they will spend the holidays.

Mudiwa Hood

Below is the list of celebrities who spoke to this publication:


Tendayi “Samaita” Gahamadze (mbira player) – On Christmas and Boxing holidays we will be performing at a cultural ceremony (bira) in Gutu.

On Friday the 27th, we will be performing at our usual venue – La Rouge – housed at Westgate Shopping Mall alongside Mawungira Enharira.

It’s a countdown to the year 2020 with this Mbira Extravaganza.

2020 should see us recording our long awaited album “Chivimba Na Muyeni” and holding some regional and international shows.

Josh Hozheri


Mai Patai – (gospel diva) – Shalom to everyone, my name is Maipatai.

I am a gospel artiste based in the Midlands Province city of Gweru.

I thank God for the gift of life because ndakudya kisimusi ye2019 ndichiripo.

As for Christmas, I am going to spend it celebrating Jesus doing my musical videos.

I will be in Chegutu performing live at a certain lodge.

Boss Spencer

2019 to me was a year of Greater Grace, because I managed to tour other places like Masvingo, Harare, Byo etc, perfoming at private functions and conferences.

People managed to receive my music without any video, meaning to say, they believe in my ministry of music.

I am going to share my Christmas with the less privileged vana vatinochengeta paQueen of Peace, which is located in Gweru’s Harben Bark suburb.

As their brand ambassador, ndichaenda kunodya pamwe navo and celebrate together as a family.


Ashton “Mbeu” Nyahora – crooner – We had an exciting 2019 as we performed every week at corporate and club gigs.

As the year-end, the schedule will be still busy.

We have been playing since 20 December and we are playing daily till 31 December, the 24th and on the 25th we will have a semi-holiday where we will be playing for guests at Nyanga


On the first week of January, we will take a break, spend time with family and we will travel for a band retreat to refresh and recharge or energies.

Having also won the Best Male Artist for Norton my home time, we will celebrate.


Panganai Hare – musician/lawyer/entrepreneur – Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

It is also a time to spend quality time with family and friends. Will be away with family kune one of the prime tourist resorts in the country spoiling you ourselves and hopefully recharging the batteries.

2019 has been good music wise.

Agga Nyabinde

My debut album Mbuva YeHwiza featuring the hit song Panganayi was well received and enjoyed massive airplay across different radio stations and the song Panganayi topped the music charts for a long time.


The year 2020 should be a brighter and better year, God willing. If all goes well I will be realising my second album in the first quarter of the year.


I will everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.


Suluman Chimbetu – musician – as per tradition, Christmas eve we’re playing ku Highfield @ Mushandirapamwe Hotel.

On Christmas Day we are going to play in Wedza at the Wedza South Arts Festival hosted by honourable Tin Mac.

On 26 December, I will proceed to Chegutu where I will join my family for the Christmas get together before a performance @ TP Rukawo Motel.

Panganayi Hare

2019 was not such a pleasant year as we lost two gallant sons of Zim thus Dr Oliver Mtukudzi cde RG Mugabe auntie Dot (Dorothy Masuku) among others.

Enisia Mashusha – actress/theatre director – The good news of great joy this Christmas is Jesus Christ, he is the light and he declared ” I am the way, the truth and life. No one comes to Father except through me, come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” Therefore in the midst of hardship don’t give up keep pushing, true peace and happiness can only be found in the Christ, this goes to all men, rich and poor, educated and illiterate, white or black, Christians and non Christians. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy New Year

Enisia Mashusha


Blessing Jeke – events manager – As usual, we do the prayers first which are followed by big celebration with family and friends.

This is a special festive season where we make merry and families come together to cement relationships.

I will take a break from my many programs, focus and restrategise,’re energise myself for the power packed programs of 2020.

I will relax with my family on a low key so I get to thank God for 2019 while rejuvenating for work ahead.


Boss Spencer Madziya (socialite) – Christmas time is family time and we thank the Almighty for giving us another 365 days to see his continuous grace.


2019 has had its challenges and thankfully the new dispensation has been hands on tackling the tumultuous economic challenges.

The entertainment sector has not been spared either but we have seen revellers embracing the tight economic situation and enjoying to the fullest.

This festive season is special As we get time to reflect and plan for 2020 the austerity for posterity measures undertaken in 2019 will see us through 2020.A happy new season to all!


Josh Hozheri – music promoter – I am going to spend Christmas with my mother in Chivhu.

She is the only woman who can never betray you.

Chihera Faith

I always cherish and love her the most.

She deserves more this christmas.

2019 has been a bad year for me musically as I lost a brother Dr Tuku as well as Robert Mugabe. Ndo madhara angu akandirwadzisa in 2019.

At Dr Tuku funeral, saw us promoters uniting and forming our Association and becoming chairman.

We tackled various issues together as a team including bouncers menace at shows.

The economic environment has not spared us as well as most big shows flopped.

I however look to 2020 with hope and having new opportunities coming up.

Artists producing music with the right content for the betterment and improvement of the industry at large.


Partson “Chipaz’’  Chimbodza – music promoter/businessman – As usual I praise God for taking care of me kuti tisvike this time nyama ne mweya zviri pamwe chete and 2020 will leave it into Gods capable hands se MWANA WE MUTONGI i pray that everything i touch turns to Gold and musically lets have more promoters with passion to raise our arts industry


Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa – socialite/events manager – On Christmas   and Boxing holidays I will be in Chitungwiza.

I am going to spend the holidays with my family.

Musically, we want 2019 done and dusted as we are heading into the new year.

The year 2019 was hard for everyone, in 2020 we do expect a better economy, a better industry.

We also hope the Ministry responsible for the Arts industry will change the game.

We now want a better board who have the arts sector at heart.

We are tired of handpicked people who do not add value.

Over the years we have been let down by arts regulatory chiefs  and we are even calling the President to step in  and help us.

We now want a board which has some of major players in the arts sector like music promoters, artistes and the appointment must be done on merit.


Faith “Chihera” Taruvinga – fashionista – Chihera Faith – fashionista – I will be spending my Christmas and Boxing day in South Africa, which happens to be my second home .

Unfortunately, I won’t be spending with my family .

2019 was a very good year for me and I want to thank God for everything .

In 2020, I see a bright future because already I have done three endorsements with big companies here in SA

I will be their brand ambassador.I just want to wish everyone a peaceful Xmas & fruitful 2020.


Brian Samaita – musician/preacher – I will be playing in Blantyre and Lilongwe in Mutare on the 25th and  26th respectively.

I believe 2020 will be my last year in music as im persuing the calling in ministry,


Casper “Joy Commander” Mudzengere – As a sungura artiste, 2019 was a good year for us despite a few problems we faced.

We have managed to remain in the game and we are looking forward to the year 2020.

We will be releasing new stuff in January next year and we hope fans will embrace us.


Victor Kunonga – jazz crooner – This Christmas will be a bit different for me this year.

I may be going for a marathon on the day if I am not exhausted from the show on Christmas Eve.

I will take the family with me too.

We will then wind up the day enjoying food and drinks.

Boxing Day will be a good day to take a rest.

2019 has been a tough year especially for many of us in the entertainment industry.

The desired numbers at our shows have not been as they are.

I have soldiered on though and I am happy to say I finished to record an album and launched it too with the help from a few corporates like Nyaradzo Holdings, Penny Wise and Chicken Basket.

Since then, we are doing shows to promote the album and I am pleased to say we are doing okay.

We can only hope for a better 2020 and will keep the intensity.

We wish the same for everyone too and hopefully our efforts will start bearing fruits that we deserve.


De Nosh – music promoter –   2019 was yet another successful year for me in the entertainment sector as a promoter.

I have managed to travel all over Zimbabwe, I have also managed to get a bit of internaityonal exposure on arts management in South Africa and came back and managed to hold year end gigs.

2020 is basically a year of pushing more, it’s a year of getting a new approach.


Simbarashe “Bodyslam”  Chakare – events manager – Christmas Day will be spent with family and friends. 2019 brought its own fair share of challenges and through it all we have learnt to soldier on regardless of the situations we find ourselves in.

We are hoping 2020 will bring a ray of light to everyone and that we all get to be the best of ourselves.


Chalton Tsodzo – academic/social commentator – 2019 has been a very hectic year trying to stay afloat and to keep at pace with the hustle.

Christmas presents an opportunity to slow down, reflect on the previous year and count my blessings.

It’s often easy to forget the good things that happened in the midst of the challenges.

I look forward to a better 2020, I pray for a better agriculture season, I want rivers to fill up and for livestock to have grass to eat.

I also want to see the current national development roadmap delivering for ordinary citizens.

I want national convergence for political actors to find each other for the country to turn around towards being a regional powerhouse one more time.

It’s Zimbabwe or bust for some of us, so I want to also play my part ot make Zimbabwe great again!


Mudiwa Hood – My Christmas is always a family treat, this year we are going to spend it at my dad and mom house in Chitungwiza. Braai and family get together. We avoid travelling far on Christmas Day.

On Boxing Day, we going to my wife’s mother’s house and spend day there again with my wife and Mudiwa Jnr.

2020 is my year!!!  . I am going hard and I believe it will be my best year ever. I had deffered my PhD, to commit to my family so i will also be going back to finishing it. I will release my 3rd album and 8 videos.


David Ngwerume – sculptor – The year 2019 didn’t have much to offer as we didn’t achieve much .All our hopes are now on 2020 for we aspire to bring you more exquisite Stone Sculpture Pieces.

The whole festive we are on stone no time to waste we are so behind its time we Possess the Promise and assert our Dominance through Art Globally.


Tatenda Mahachi – Christmas is time for sharing and celebrating the birth of our lord Jesus Christ.

So it’s time to show love to one another so l will be spending time with the less privileged at a children’s home share gift sing for them celebrate and bring Christmas mood in them.

We are going to visit them share day with them share my story to inspire them.

Holiday is time to rest take a break from our day to day routines have time to visit spend time with family and our loved ones.

My advice to people concerning the current economic situation is to spend wisely don’t take more than I can chew share the little you can afford it’s ok appreciate the life and that times are hard don’t forget there is tomorrow for u to face.be on budget don’t overspend. 2020 is going to be big got a new album coming in May and they will be collaborations to look forward to internationally and locally brave your selves for an early song to carry people to the launch.

It’s a year l will also be going on tour to African countries like Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique etc. regional Collaborations are coming up


Aggabu Nyabinde – I am really looking forward to a Christmas Day and Boxing day.

While others will be celebrating, I will also be working.

On the 24th, I will be treating my fans in Marondera at Pagomo roundabout Leisure Spot.

We will have a private show on Christmas day and then on Boxing Day we will treat our Harare fans at The Usual Place, Jameson Hotel.

As artistes we normally rest in January.

The festive season is a busy time and our families have to celebrate without us

The year 2019 had its ups and downs but I am grateful to God for taking me through.

I managed to tie the knot with my sweetheart now Mrs Vanessa Nyabinde.

I also recorded a collabo with my father. A song titled Huchenjeri and its now available on Youtube.

Expect more work from us next year as we are now preparing for an album.


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