Celebrity couple in nasty break-up

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Celebrity couple in nasty break-up


21 July 2016

Zaleekah and Xndr

Zaleekah and Xndr

AWARD-WINNING hip hop producer, Alexandra ‘Xndr’ Mutumha, is embroiled in a nasty breakup with long-time girlfriend Zaleekhah Khan who is demanding back gifts as well as her belongings she gave him when they were dating.

The breakup came on to the public domain when Zaleekah posted on Facebook, a chat between her and Xndr where she was claiming back her belongings.

The chat between the two has now gone viral as it is now circulating on various social media platforms.

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The message also suggested that the two broke up after Xndr had cheated.

“I am going to get you, wait and see dog, you can go b***h all you want loser, I hate you, I want my laptop, shades and everything boss,” she wrote.

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Zaleekah also described Xndr as a ‘gold-digger’ who was after her fortunes.

“In one year all you ever gave me was a bottle of perfume, I left it at 136 mills for your bi****s okay give them.

“Waguta ka mari yangu wakanganwa manje, dzosera all my stuff faster,” she added.

On the chat, Xndr tried to calm Zaleekah down.

He wrote:

“Please don’t let your temper get the best of you, I am loyal and faithful and always will be… “Not going to say a word once I get out of the bathroom, got a stomach ache.”

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celebrity couple break up- facebook post

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