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ON SUNDAY, Zimbabweans will be commemorating the country’s 41st independence from colonial bondage.

Over the years, the April 18 would be marked by festivities since 1980 but this time around we are departing from the norm due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Tomorrow, a virtual musical gala parading a star-studded line-up will be beamed live on ZTV.


On the big day, a soccer match pitting giants of Zimbabwean football, Dynamos and Highlanders will be played at the National Sports Stadium.

Boss Spencer

Despite the global pandemic, which has claimed many and infected millions, Zimbabweans have been urged to celebrate the day in the comfort of their homes.

Psalmist Nhete

As such, health experts and law-enforcing agents will be on high alert monitoring the situation on the ground to help curb the spread of the lethal virus.

Charles Pintec

H-Metro Assistant News Editor (Entertainment) TRUST KHOSA had a chat with a number of celebrities who opened up on how they will mark the day.


The majority of celebrity urged citizens to observe the Covid-19 regulations like sanitising, keeping social distance as well as avoid big crowds. Read on…

Mukoma Panga

Jah Prayzah (musician) – The won’t be too much that I will be doing on Independence Day because of the Covid-19 pandemic.


As compared to previous years, we used to celebrate it through festivities at different places with fans but this won’t be the case due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Apostle Sambo

I will be chilled at home with my family.


My advice to fellow citizens is to embrace the difficult situation that we are finding ourselves in and accept that it shall come to pass.

Agartha Murudzwa

It’s just a matter of time before God answers our prayers and I am confident God he will hear us one day.


It is also my hope to fans that normalcy will prevail soon.



Baba Manyeruke (musician/mentor) – As we live in such difficult times, people need to have faith in God all the time and this year’s Independence Day’ celebrations won’t be the same.


It’s only God who knows the right time when these difficulties will be over so we urged the people of Zimbabwe through prayer that things will be okay soon.


In my case, I’m happy I will be at HICC on Saturday evening praising the Lord and I am glad to be part of the line-up performing there.


However, it has not been easy for most of the artistes since we have clocked over a year without holding shows and it is my desire that all will be well.



Josphat Somanje (musician) – Let us keep a very close eye to this pandemic killer monster it’s never good to our lives at all.



Boss Spencer (music promoter/events manager/entrepreneur) – As the independence of our country beckons, we need to be resilient and consolidate the gains of the liberation struggle.


I will take this opportunity to reflect on the opportunities our government has provided for us, as an entrepreneur, plan and strategize.


I urge our citizens to adhere to WHO standards on Covid-19 protocols, as we have a new enemy that is faceless.



Mabasa Bazuka Ziyambi (health worker/musician) – As a nation we should show courage.


We should let go all our fears and hate and focus at the bigger picture. We fought for the right to celebrate so let’s show the world our capabilities.


Being free means having the ability to change the world and make an impact.


Our independence gave us the opportunity to make right decisions. We will dance in the rain again.



Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza (music promoter/businessman) – We are in Covid-19 times which are becoming the norm.


I will devote my holiday praising God the creator of all creators for saving our lives during this pandemic.


In as much as we must celebrate it, it’s also time to remember our fallen heroes who fought for us to be where we are today.


To Zimbabweans at large especially our arts fraternity, I will say let’s wait for god’s time since it is the for our sector to open soon.


I am aware our good Government is obviously looking into our plea and one thing for sure is they are with us.



Freeman (dancehall artiste/entrepreneur) – Well, Covid-19 has come and interrupted life as we once knew it.


Last year, we were on total lockdown due to the pandemic hence celebrations were halted.


For this year seeing that there has been some relaxation on the restrictions we will be able to celebrate the 41st Independence much better.


As for me and the HKD Family we will be performing over the weekend in Johannesburg, South Africa in celebration of the Independence.


My piece of advice to the rest of our family and friends as well as nation at large is to just keep on practicing proper hygiene washing of hands and social distancing as well as sanitising frequently   and follow measures set in place by our medical practitioners.


Word of hope is nothing lasts forever, even this pandemic will not last forever so together we have a brighter future.



Enisia Mashusha (theatre director/actress) – In a year where Covid-19 had all but shutdown the world, celebrating our independence will look quite different.


A lot have been going on, people have not going to work and that affects our mental being however we should always remember this day in a special way regardless of all that is happening to us.


Happy independence day!


Charles Pintec (musician/preacher/entrepreneur) – Independence is a time to say thank you to the Gallant sons and daughters of the soul who selflessly fought to bring us the hard won independence that came through the barrel of the guns hence a lot of Blood was shed.


It’s the time to reflect also on the gains of that independence to make sure we utilise the land and our natural resources for the betterment of our people and our country at large.


It’s time to shun cheap politics by uniting as Zimbabweans to Guard jealously this hard won independence.


As a celebrity it’s our duty to demonstrate patriotism in our artistic work in order not to spread the message of hurt and disunity, messages that can stir up anger and rebellion.


Let’s preach hope in our people, unity and more unity.


Challenges are there but we must join our hands in support of those our leaders in authority praying for God to give them wisdom and knowledge to Govern then together we will continuously enjoy the Independence of our great nation.


Once again I say thank you to both the living and Fallen Heroes who brought us this Zimbabwe we Enjoy today.


As a musician I personally request for land to my listening President as a gift as to celebrate independence because Zimbabwe is Land and Land is our inheritance. God Bless Zimbabwe.


Psalmist George Nhete (musician/property developer) – I would like to encourage people to remain compliant with the Covid-19 regulations during the upcoming Independence Holidays.


It is indeed a moment of powerful commemorations about our fallen heroes and deserves an applaud of honour from all walks of life.


I say thank you our heroes because you fought for our freedom. Remember to drive safely, don’t drink and drive.



Apostle Sambo (musician/preacher) – This year’s independence holiday is yet another unique holiday as we celebrate freedom thanks to the gallant sons and daughters of our nation Zimbabwe while fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and  observing all the guidelines and rules for our safety.


I refer to this forth coming independence holiday as yet and another unique similar to last year’s as some were used to the tradition of travelling and gatherings across the whole nation in celebrations of our independence as a nation.


This year, my family and I we are planning to spent the independence holiday in the confines and comfort of our home.


We will get to spent more time with each other, following programmes on national broadcasters while reflecting on the significance and importance of our independence as a nation.


I also we plan to take time in praying for our believed nation, leadership as it is our duty to pray for our nations according to 1st Timothy Chapter 2 also being thankful to selfless and sacrifices made by our heroes and heroines for the freedom and independence of our nation both living and the dead.


My advice to the people during such trying times as the world is reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic is to stay safe, be positive in all we do, do good always, do no harm and stay in love with God and men.



Tatenda Mahachi (musician) – Independence is special day for our country as we celebrate 41 years of black rule.


This is a day we also remember our gallant fighters who brought us freedom and we thank Lord for them.


It’s been a difficult time with the pandemic and would also want to encourage each and every one to remain hopeful and mask up adhere to all the regulations as specified by health organizations let’s fight Covid-19 together and not loose innocent souls.


l will be celebrating independence at home praying and thanking God for life and our great nation Zimbabwe.to my fans should look forward to new music to be dropping soon and new videos tht has been stalled by Covid-19.


Let’s everyone remember that God cares for us.


Agartha Murudzwa (gospel musician) – I am one of the artistes performing on the 41st independence celebration gala participating artist.


Due to the pandemic, it’s going to be virtual.


My advice to our people is that please let’s all adhere to the Covid-19 pandemic protocols. Hapana chisingaperi so let us observe all the guidelines.


We have just celebrated the resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ,in the same spirit and manner.


We will definitely rise again and our lifestyles will be restored.


Mukoma Panga (musician/corporate lawyer/farmer) –  There is nothing more nourishing than the feeling of independence. Everyone wants to be free and indeed Zimbabwe is free but the freedom we enjoy today came after some braves cadres paid the ultimate prize.


Zimbabwe yakauya neropa. So it is important to educate the young folks how the nation of Zimbabwe came into being.


I will be following the festivities and celebrations on national television and other social media handles. I will also take time to go down memory lane with my family playing which was critical and a pillar kuvakomana nevasikana vaive kuhondo and what was playing at the time when Uhuru finally came.


Covid-19 is not permanent. It’s a passing phase. Everyone must be vaccinated so that the world goes back to what it was before the onset of God. Let’s celebrate independence responsibly and avoid gatherings because Covid-19 is real.



Xoey-Chirenda (philanthropist/events manager/social worker) – Independence Day, which beckons is a bit special for my  and the team behind VaChirenda Centre of Hope.


My organisation was  founded in commemoration of a liberation war hero who fought for the independence of all Zimbabweans.


The Late Rt Lt Col.Harold Elliot Mtandwa Chirenda,who lies at Nat Heroes Acre celebrated Independence all his life so as an organization we are going to host an Empowerment Training Workshop for FREE for the benefit of Seke District with all the 27 wards partaking.


In this workshop we are giving women the opportunity to learn BeadMaking , Dishwashing manufacturing, Petroleum Jelly making and Juice making,which help them to be self sustaining.


We are encouraging women to start projects that they can work from home and also minimize travel so as to abide with the Gvt set Covid regulation.


Our message of hope the people of Zim is never give up, let’s stand together in unity and rally behind each other as a Nation..we should also come up and stand and advocate for the girl-child and women since they are the backbone of the community.



Dino Mudondo (musician) – My fellow Zimbabweans just want to wish you a happy independence.


Lest we forget vakafira mumasango vasina makuva vafira nyika yedu iyi nyika yedu yeZimbabwe mukoma Tuku would have sang.


Difficult times we are facing due to Covid-19 but I urge you all my good people to keep wearing your masks, tichiita social distance. However, this holiday I will be home jus chilling with my family.












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