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…Avoid unnecessary travel

…our heroes did not die for us to be wiped out by Covid-19

TODAY, Zimbabweans from across the divide are set to mark the Heroes holiday where departed and living icons drawn from various disciplines will be remembered.

Afterwards, the attention shifts to the Defence Forces holidays tomorrow where our security agents who protects us will be celebrated.

H-Metro Assistant News Editor (Entertainment) Trust Khosa spoke to a number of influencers who are making a huge in impact various disciplines.

Some of the influencers interviewed have made it big in showbiz, medical fields, events management, fashion and even film-making.

However, this year’s celebrations won’t be marked with festivities owing to the Covid-19 pandemic which has claimed many and infected millions world over. Read on…

JAH PRAYZAH (musician/youth icon) – The holidays have come at a time when the pandemic has gripped us.

There is not much to do but be at home with our families.

There are no plans to be moving around as Covid-19 is real and even just to visit the old folks in the rural areas, you never know I might be the one who will take the Covid-19 there.

Jah Prayzah

So I will just be at home with my family.

I urge all Zimbabweans that there is no need to be moving around over the holidays and they just need to be at home as well.

Time will come when we can drive around and just appreciate the beauty of our country for now safety is priority.


BOSS SPENCER MADZIYA (music promoter/entrepreneur/events manager) – These important days on our calendar are upon us, as we fight a new battle; an invisible one that has taken many of our loved ones.

This holiday I will spend  most of it home with my loved ones and I will go lay some wreaths on  graves of my family members who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of our country.

Boss Spencer

I urge all to practice WHO guidelines on Covid-19, our lives are to be safeguarded and we need to protect each other from this pandemic, let’s put our nation in Prayer unceasingly for God’s protection.


Nesto (musician/producer/choreographer) – This Heroes and Defence Forces holiday is a bitter sweet.

While it should be one of remembrance, it is dampened by the Covid-19 pandemic.


In accordance to safety measures in place, I shall be at home in muted celebrations.


SOMA (musician/entrepreneur) – During this holiday, I will be at home with family.

I would like to urge all Zimbabweans to stay indoors and take all the necessary precautions to keep ourselves very safe from Covid-19.

We only live once, so please don’t make unnecessary movements away from your home.


Always keep your nose and mouth covered by a face mask. This is a different holiday with different conditions. Let us follow the conditions and keep ourselves alive.


Dr Johannes Marisa (medical doctor/philanthropist/music promoter) – The holidays are just bleak with Covid-19 threatening to tear people apart.

We need to remain vigilant as Zimbabwe.

As for me, there is no rest. People are sick, will unfortunately miss my family as much of the time I will be attending to patients at our clinics. Its very demanding.

As for others, I would still advise on avoiding public gatherings as Covid-19 is now reaching alarming levels.

Observe public health measures. Together we will make it!


Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza (businessman/music promoter) – Will be home watching the good ZTV documentaries about where Zimbabwe came from.

I will also give praises to those who fought for our liberty.


However, it’s a pity because of Covid-19 we can’t be at the stadium but let’s all stay safe and pray for we all live under the guidance of God mhinduro ya Mwari inouya lets keep   focused.


ALLAN CHIMBETU (musician) – Yes it is that time we remember our departed during the liberation struggle.

We feel so touched and that never goes away in our hearts and minds, it feels like it’s yesterday it never counts off, this time we are in a war that has no guns, it’s taking lives more than it’s a catastrophic.

I urge people to unite so that we fight this pandemic together let’s celebrate.

On that note, lets celebrate these holidays in our homes and watch some events on social media.


Mai Patai  (musician) – I am I’m going to spend this Heroes and Defence forces  holiday at home.

I will be around chilling at home during these difficult times of Covid-19.

Mai Patai

There’s nothing else we can do besides watching TV, and commemorating the holiday through watching activities on social media platforms .

My advice to the public during this difficult time of Covid-19, is that we must be patient enough, follow the instructions washing hands with soap, and observe social distance to avoid and prevent the spreading of Covid-19.

Prevention is better than cure. I really understand that we live from hand to mouth but for the sake of our health  and life, let’s all stay at home to avoid the spreading of Covid-19.

Covid-19 is a pandemic, we didn’t apply for it, so we must seek the Grace of God to intervene during this hard times.

In a nutshell, I would like to say that lets celebrate the Heroes & Defence forces holidays in the comfort of our homes.

Thank God that the technology is developing and let’s make use of social media by watching TV to avoid  the attacks of stress& depression.


Simbarashe “Bodyslam” Chakare – The Heroes and Defence force’s holidays are here and it was well known that on heroes day most of our fellow citizens would go and spend their day at the heroes arce and they would be celebrating the lives of those women and men who played a major role in our country Zimbabwe. My advice to the public is with Covid 19 its going to be a whole different story because the virus is there and it is a deadly virus.


I think its best people just celebrate this day at home and avoid being in crowded areas because you may never know what is bound to happen afterwards. Lets just have the same joy we had the previous years as we celebrate this holidays. If by any chance you are going to have a gathering it is my plea that you make sure you sanitise , wear your masks and you make sure social distance is observed. Its better we make use of our social media platforms to celebrate these holidays because The virus is there and it’s real.

Be blessed

Stay safe

Sanitise and social distance


Enisia Mashusha – Covid 19 is real and with this economic hardship that we as a nation are facing, I know it’s not easy, let’s all hang in there and pray to God so that he saves the world. No one is safe from Covid 19, so during this heroes holiday let’s continue with social distancing, wash our hands all the time, only by acting in solidarity can communities save lives and overcome the devastating socio-economic impact of the virus.

Enisia Mashusha


Phathisani Sibanda (broadcaster/market) – I will be at home with my family since there are no festivities due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Let’s all stay indoors and be safe.


Nyasha “Machembere” Dope (music promoter/events manager) – Warm wishes on National Heroes Day to you all my fellow Zimbabweans.

Let us take inspiration from our national heroes and make our country proud with our good work.

I am proud to be born in a country which is a motherland to many nationalities.


As we this holidays, let’s not forget we are still fighting an invisible enemy; Covid-19 is real and let’s keep on sanitising, wash our hand, observe social distancing and most importantly let’s not forget to wear our face mask in public places.

Let’s not travel unnecessarily and together, we can fight this disease.  Stay safe.


Ammi Jamanda  (musician/dancer) – On Heroes holiday I am going to spend it with my family indoors this year.

I am minimising movement to adhere to the policies and law of the Government to curb the spread of Covid-19.

I also advise the public to practice good hygiene and wear face masks always to prevent the spread of Covid 19 .

Faith “Chihera” Taruvinga (fashionista/events manager) – As we celebrate our Heroes & Defence forces  holidays  during Covid -19 era, I would like to  Zimbabweans to take the lead in fighting the spread of the disease.

As we fight this Covid -19 pandemic, let the  spirit  of love  continue  amongst us Zimbabweans . Lets  stay  at home to save lives together  we kick out Covid …

Tryson Chimbetu (musician) – My family and I will be enjoying our get together praying and fellowship together.

I will be praying for the better of mankind, hope to get the vaccine or cure for us to get back at the way we used to  for as long as we’re not yet at that we still have a long way to  go  .

Washing our hands, wearing of musk and all the necessary to live with adopting new lifestyles.

Let’s help the needy in these trying times. My God bless my Zimbabwe


BRIAN SAMAITA  (musician) – I am going to be at home and spend more time with my family.

We are living in very dangerous times.

Covid-19 is real so everyone must be very careful.

Brian Samaita

It is better to be safe than regret.

I will also take the opportunity to finalise some of my lyrics or content to be contained on my forthcoming album.

People should celebrate the special period of Heroes and Defence Forces days where we honour the gallant freedom fighters while practicing WHO guidelines.


Dino Mudondo (musician) – Happy Heroes and Defence Forces holidays my fellow Zimbabweans.

Its always been a pleasure to get together and celebrate the lives of our freedom fighters vakazvipura kurwisa mupambi wepfuma kusunungura nyika yedu kuti iwe neni tive nekuzvitonga kuzere.

Dino Mudondo

Lest we forget varere mumasango vasina makuva vakafira nhaka yedu kwavari tinoti may your soul continue to rest in peace for 40 years now your country is free and we owe it all unto you.

To mark the two holidays during this time when Covid-19 has claimed many lives and infected millions, I edge my fellow Zimbabweans to wear face masks in public.

The virus does not know any race, colour, age or any status. Wearing a mask and standing two meters apart doesn’t make me paranoid, weak, scared, stupid or even “controlled”, it makes me caring and respectful.

I wear my mask to protect you. You wear your mask to protect me..


Mukoma Panga – (corporate lawyer/musician/farmer) – This year’s Heroes and Defence Forces holidays are very different.

It’s the first time in history if my memory saves me well where even the main national events will be held virtually.

I will be locked indoors with family reflecting on the sacrifices our heroes both living and dead made in order for us to enjoy our independence.

Panganayi Hare

Given the havoc Covid-19 is causing both nationally and globally l will spend the time educating my family about this monster amongst us. Emphasis to them about the need to stay indoors and to only go out when absolutely necessary to do so.

And should one go out they must always wear a mask, observe social distancing and to always sanitise.

I will also take the time to reach out to my  band members and fans on our various social media platforms and educate them about Covid-19. The local transmissions have spiked and we all need to play our part in stopping this monster. It’s real and it’s deadly. I will therefore fully utilise my family and fans to however remain positive. Let us all remain hopeful and prayerful. Let us not stigmatise those who have been unfortunately infected.

Let us avoid unnecessary travel and visiting this holiday. Covid-19 does not travel but it is us who transport it by unnecessarily travelling when we should be indoors.

Our heroes did not die  for us to be wiped out by corona. They were obedient during the war that’s why they triumphed.

Let us also be obedient this holiday and forever so that we listen and comply with what the experts are saying regarding Covid-19.

Happy holidays Zimbabwe.


Bazuka – This hero’s holiday comes at a time when we can’t visit our relatives due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The pain and uncertainty is gripping the whole nation.

I think the best we can do for our fallen heroes is to pray for unity of purpose for a better Zimbabwe free from this deadly virus.

The significance of the blood shed for our freedom should help us to find each other.

Our future is best shaped by our history.

I will be making phone calls to all my close friends and relatives giving them psychological support and encouraging them to continue the safety precautions until we succeed against Covid 19.

We are a resilient nation and we will sail through.


Faith Candy (actress/musician) – National holidays are a symbol of reflection as a country.

We need to evaluate and think properly on what is going right and also what is going wrong.

Covid-19 is a major obstacle that needs a collective approach of all citizens.

We are on lockdown, but this is the right time to sit down and pray for a better Zimbabwe full of choices and considering those who perished for a better tomorrow. Zimbabwe shall pull through this Covid-19 and the loos that was shed will horse down the tears of those who lost their loved ones.


Agartha Murudzwa – It’s very unfortunate that the Heroes and Defence Forces holidays despite being my favorite holidays of them all,this year we going to celebrate it spiritually due to this pandemic.

Agatha Murudzwa

We usually attend both holidays as a family and with friends but this year hakuna shame.

We going to observe the holidays in doors, and more prayers for our country.

My advice to the general public is: please let’s stay indoors, this monster is real and very unfortunate zvatainamatira kuti zvisaitike kunyika yekwedu zvava kuitika.

People are dying every day and local transmissions are also rising at an alarming rate, the best medicine so far is preventing it.

Zimbabwe is a Christian nation… our leaders from all denominations must lead us into serious online prayer sessions. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. God is in total control.. #GodblessZimbabwe. -Jer:15vs11


Takemore Mazuruse  (Journalist, brand development consultant and youth leader) – This year’s heroes and defence forces holiday is coming at a very difficult time when the world is grappling with the effects of Covid-19.

It however presents a unique opportunity to rest, spend time with loved ones and reboot from the pressures associated with this period. For safety reasons the usual festivities related to this holiday won’t apply so I will be at home with family and I encourage the same to fellow citizens. It is also important that even as we spend time with family, we must uphold the recommended measures to limit the spread and effects of Covid-19.

Let’s treat every one including family members as a suspect. We must always wash our hands, sanitise and mask up regardless of how familiar and close we are with those around us.

If we can help it, let’s avoid unnecessary travel, let’s stay home and make the most of this deserved break with our loved ones.

I love relaxing and enjoying some nice home cooked meals therefore I will definitely put the break to good use.

Good music, good food and drinks, some TV here and  of course catching up on outstanding projects from the comfort of home.


Nicholas Zakaria (musician/mentor) – I am a family man and such holiday breaks for me are always special because they give me time to be around the people I love and cherish.

Usually, we would be out performing at Heroes and Defence forces themed events but live performances are out of the question because of Covid-19.

My message to all Zimbabweans is that we must not lose hope.

Let’s continue to believe God but above all we must follow the advice from our health experts and authorities.

Let’s wash our hands, sanitise, wear our masks and stay at home. There is no heroism in moving around unnecessarily.

Staying at home is for our own good.


I also hope to take this opportunity to be fine tuning my upcoming music projects in a relaxed atmosphere.

Besides celebrating liberation war heroes, we also have departed music heroes and as the survivors we must keep the music torch alive.


Forward Mazuruse (music producer/instrumentalist) – During such holiday breaks we normally travel to our rural home in Zaka and have time to meet and host get together gatherings with parents, siblings and relatives.

This won’t be possible during this lockdown period because of the Covid-19 situation.

There is a danger of infecting each other and for that reason I am going to spend time with family at home in the capital.

There is a big temptation to be moving around but my advice is let’s stay home and move when we really have to.

Staying at home and avoiding unnecessary engagements minimises the risk.

It’s painful having  to stay in our individual spaces but it’s necessary if we are to preserve ourselves and limit the spread of Covid-19.

Heroes and defence holiday is a time we celebrate the sacrifices and legacy of the departed liberators so my challenge to this generation is for us to reflect on what legacy we are going to leave and what we intend to be remembered for.

Let’s also spare a thought for our friends and loved ones who may have lost their jobs and livelihoods to Covid-19 so that we make life more bearable for all including orphans, widows and the vulnerable.



Gary Tight (musician) – The Heroes and Defence holidays are special for us Zimbabweans as we will be celebrating the lives of those that shed blood during the 1st and 2nd chimurenga.

However, Covid-19 came unexpected and its taking lives everyday so l urge all my fellow Zimbabweans to stay safe lets and protect ourselves for the next generation.


Mono Mukundu (music producer) – I will be relaxing with the family, I will not be visiting relatives and friends as a way to observe the Covid-19 regulations.


Joey Nyakadzino (actress/beautician/writer)  – Unlike the previous Heroes and Defence Forces holidays this year is different because of this covid 19 pandemic which has affected us as a whole.

I will be home with my babies as we all know that staying home makes us safe. If there are any proceedings I will follow in the Comfort of my house.

Joey Nyikadzino

I urge all Zimbabweans to stay safe and follow all measures put in place to prevent the spread of corona virus as it is real and unfriendly.

This is a recognisable holiday yes but we need to treat it just like any other day in terms of being safe.

Life matters!!

Happy Heroes and Happy Defence Forces Day.


JOSEPH GARAKARA (MUSICIAN) – I will be at home with my family.

We have prepared enough food and drinks for us to commemorate well these important days.

We will do everything in the comfort of our home.

Joseph Garakara

This includes braaing, eating and drinking.

Of importance will be to share with the family members the significance of these two days.

I believe kids should grow up to know the sacrifices made by gallant sons of the soil and how the national defence forces are forging ahead in keeping and maintaining the gains of our independence.

Of paramount importance will be the need to realise we have a monster disease salivating to have our dear lives (the Coronavirus).

We will be discussing and implementing the safety health regulations required to avoid contracting the novel disease.

To the public I say covid-19 is real. Let’s practise the stipulated health directions to minimize the spread of the disease. Let’s go out only when it’s necessary to do so. When we find it’s necessary, make sure you wear you face mask the proper way recommended by the health personnel. Let’s.

Sanitize, observe social distances and frequently steaming, drinking hot water and observe good hygiene always.

I think the Heroes and Defence forces days are very important in that it is the moment we reflect on the need to take seriously the gains of our liberation. People should know that the dead would be happy if the resources of the country are being put into good use and to the benefit of the rest of the people of Zimbabwe.

This is the moment we should realise that ills such as corruption should be condemned at all cost. People should build Zimbabwe to fulfill the heroes’ ambitions.


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