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CHADCOMBE ROBBERY: BLOW-BY BLOW ACCOUNT A blood-stained floor in Nemaisa's Chadcombe house


Latwell Nyangu and Talent Gore

The gunfire exchange between former CID detective Joseph Nemaisa and five armed robbers at his residence as he was trying to rescue his family from a hostage situation could make for a movie script.


The horror shootout ended with three of the armed robbers gunned down.

Bullets destroyed the window panes

The other two escaped unhurt with US$850, a shot gun and a cellphone.


Here is a blow by blow on how it happened:


• Robbers arrive at the house undetected

• 20:45: Robbers bang the door once

• 20:50 Fadzanai Musarurwa hears dogs barking viciously

• She her brother Masimba Musarurwa to check the main door

• Robbers bang door second time

• Robbers try to break the whole door but it’s too hard

• Robbers finally break down the front door

• Robbers gain entry

• Family escapes to bedroom

• Mother (Fadzanai) locks self in bathroom

• Son (Courage) secretly calls father (Nemaisa) informing him of intruders

• Courage hides phone before robbers pounce on him

• Robbers hold Courage at gun point while demanding the mother to exit bathroom.

• Mother exits bathroom.

• Robbers order victims to lie down- Robbers hit victims with broom stick, demand money

• Mother gives robbers US$850

• Robbers ask for more money

• Robbers shove and remove property looking for money

• Robbers start packing clothes including jeans, shoes.

• Robbers destroy television set• Joseph Nemaisa (father) arrives 10 to 15 minutes later as robbers were about to leave

• Nemaisa fires warning shots

• Gun shots exchange follow leading to the death of the first robber

• Another robber shot dead

• Third robber instructs grade seven pupil to take gun from dead robber

• Child complies and hands over the gun

• Robber leans to take gun

• Nemaisa shoots robber on chest

• Robber asks for help, crawls to another room

• Nemaisa runs out of bullets

• Goes to look for bac up at Hatfield Police.

• Remaining two robbers instructs Fadzanai to search dead robbers

• Fadzanai collects, hands over all firearms, particulars and cellphones

• Robbers leave house through main bedroom window

• Robbers escape from the yard by scaling through the precast wall

• Nemaisa returns with close to 20 cops and friends as back up

• Calls son (Courage) to confirm if they were safe

• Courage confirms safety

• Ordered to jump through the window

• He complies

• Team enters house

• House search begins

• Bodies collected around 1am

• Total value stolen is US$1 600-00 and nothing recovered

• 17 live rounds and 12 spent cartridges recovered at the scene

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