Chairman loses title fight

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 Chairman loses title fight Tinashe Mwadziwana


Shelly Guni, Sports Reporter
ZIMBABWE bantamweight champion, Tinashe ‘’Chairman’’ Mwadziwana lost the World Boxing Association Pan African Super Bantamweight title to Namibia’s Matheus Heita, via a technical knockout, in Windhoek, Namibia.
The 33-year-old retired in the sixth round, of the contest, on Saturday.

Tinashe Mwadziwana

This is the second time Mwadziwana has lost in Namibia, via a TKO, this year.

The first defeat was in February, when he lost to another Namibian, Nathanael Kakololo.

Madziwana now has 17 wins and 14 defeats, from 31 fights.

His trainer, Clyde Musonda, of Deltaforce Boxing Academy, said they could have won, if they had better preparations, ahead of the match.

“It was a bad day. We lost the fight via a TKO. We started very well, trying to do our best, but it wasn’t our day,” he said.

“What I think is, if we are to move forward, there is a need to invest in the young athletes.

“We are trying our best, putting the effort that we can but from zero sponsorship.

“It starts with us at the stable, I will be finding it difficult to run the stable, due to lack of funds.

‘’So, for me, to meet the needs of the boxer, or to prepare for a title fight, you will find out that I will be the first to be defeated, mostly at the gym, because in Zimbabwe we don’t have boxing gyms.

“From the gyms that are there, you might not even get a place to put a punching bag, or a ring, which is a major challenge, because the boxers need a feel of the ring, not to get into the ring, on the day of the fight.’’

Musonda said on a number of occasions, his boxers were losing, before they had even climbed into the ring.


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