Paul Pindani in CHINHOYI

THE fight against stock theft is gaining momentum in Kadoma with the recent busting of a rustlers’ ring in Chakari.

Mashonaland West Provincial Police spokesman, Inspector Ian Kohwera, said police in Chakari arrested Tawanda Musokeya (38), Tirivei Jacob (32), Kudzanai Salimu (19) and Noster Simon (34), all of Maldon Ace Compound  in Chakari, for stock theft, on Saturday.

“Police reacted swiftly to the information that some people were selling meat at the compound and, during the investigations, they arrested Musongeya.

“A search at his house led to the discovery of a carcass in one of the rooms.

“He admitted that they stole the beast from the grazing lands at Kabhanga with his younger brother Hardlife and their son-in-law, Praise Mboni,” said Insp Kohwera.

He said Hardlife and Mboni fled the scene when they realised their accomplice had been arrested.

Insp Kohwera said their three wives were arrested while they were selling the meat within the compound.

Police, Insp Kohwera said, also recovered three cattle heads around the scene, indicating that the place was used as a slaughter point.

“On the same note, police Kadoma Rural, has arrested Mugova Munashe, 23, and Hilary Julius,23, of Plot 25 and 16 Pamene Farm, Kadoma, for stoch theft,” said Insp Kohwera.

“The two stole two heifers.”

He said the police were appealing to the public for information that can lead to the arrest of Jacob and Salimu.

Insp Kohwera urged farmers, who were missing their cattle, to visit police Chakari and Kadoma police stations.

“The police would like to commend the general public for their efforts to eradicate criminals in the society by supplying information of any criminal acts,” said Insp Kohwera.

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