Chamu speaks on sexuality

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Chamu speaks on sexuality Brighton Munaku


Charmaine Chasweka, H-Metro Reporter

Upcoming comedian Brighton Munaku recently came under fire on social media after posting a picture wearing a wig which resulted in people questioning his sexuality.

Munaku, who is also an actor by profession, decided to celebrate women’s days in style, by posting a picture of himself wearing a wig but it was not received well by his followers.

Speaking to H-Metro, the actor and comedian, who is popularly known as Chamunorwa Matandabotso, said the way people reacted did not really shock him as he knows social media can be cruel.

“A few days ago, people were celebrating women’s day so I decided to help all the ladies in my country to celebrate their special day.

“I saw a lot of messages on my Facebook accounts and page where people, who claimed to know me very well were telling my fans that I am gay only because I had posted a picture of myself wearing a ladies wig but this did not shock me because I know how people act out there.

“I was born and raised by my mother and my grandmother so I gained respect for them.

“This respect is not only to my own special ladies but to every woman in the world and in Zimbabwe because I know the hustle and struggle they go through to keep us going which is why I was celebrating with them,” he said.

He went on to deny the allegations that he is gay saying he is a very much straight forward person and is in a relationship with a female counterpart.

“I am in an intimate relationship with a female not a male and she is so proud of what I do.

“She supports me all the way and anondida nekupenga kwangu kwandinoita on screen.

“I have never been in an intimate relationship with a male and I will never be,” he said.

Chamu is a holder of a first class honours degree in Film & Theatre Arts Studies with Midlands State University has featured in more than 40 films to date.

“In June 2018 I did a skit on one of ZTV’s music talent show “Loud Africa” and I performed Jah Prayzah’s song “Moyo Wakaoma” then after trying to audition using that song, I failed and at the end told them “ah maLyrics acho akawandisa” and that became a punchline and people made fun out of it not knowing I was acting.

“We then developed the skits into a proper comedy and because I work at Pabloz Productions and the comedy is only acted by five main characters, we named the show “Pabloz 5” and in the show I am the main actor using the name.

“I have featured in more than 40 films both short and feature and some of them show on DSTV Zambezi Magic Channel.”


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