Changa bares it all in Satanism

31 May, 2016 - 15:05 0 Views
Changa bares it all in Satanism


31 May 2016


DORMANT musician Changa Nyamatsatsi of the Memo hit song has exclusively revealed his life in Satanism during his stint in Europe.

The singer, who is back home after being deported, said he was initiated into Satanism using food.

After getting divorced from his official German wife Elizabeth Sedlack, Changa’s permanent residency status was also cancelled.

Prior to his deportation, Changa was jailed for further staying abroad without a residence permit.

Asked on his experience in Europe, he said:

“Satanism is there, I did come across Satanists, and it helped me to realise that I am important.

“What they call Satanism is when Satanists discover your strengths as a person and they try and take it from you in a way.

“So actually Satanists attack a person with the potential to do greater things.

“When attacked by those people, don’t give in but you ought to realise that you are a strong man.

“They get you paranoid, by making sure all you eat from anyone affects you.

“You then fear, hate and do not trust everybody around you.

“By so doing, you go back to them. Even food from your wife will start affecting you because they will be controlling it through a remote control.

“I was into this cult for a while until they made a mistake in their remote controls and I eventually realised that I was practicing it so I started cleaning up myself with tea.

“To be honest with you, it is marijuana which helped me to fight Satanism.

“My advice is for one to look up to the Lord, keeping yourself righteous and know that Satanists can attack you.

“So I had people surrounding and poisoning me, I had an operation, look at this,” said Changa whilst lifting up his garments showing this reporter a scar running from the naval to the waist.”

He added:

“I was staying in one of the most popular areas in Germany called Neukölln.

“They initiated me with some stuff and I started feeling high when I was taken to the hospital.

“They used and caused me lots of spiritual and physical problems, being at loggerheads with almost everybody.

“They live on blood those rich Satanists, they get their power from that and mine was taken from my locks and my strong spirit of fighting all pressures on earth.

“That is why I removed my original dread locks when I came back to Zimbabwe because I was still being controlled by these Satanists through these locks.

“I just said to myself, haa ndini Changanga inini, handidimhani izvi, handichatodaso from now, I again said to myself, hey hey Changa, check yourself Changa, Changa is a strong and steady guy.

“So I started putting all my food in a trunk and cooking for myself, one by one, food that I bought, so by the time I came back to Zimbabwe I was already over it.

“Satanists are now using all latest technology in achieving their goals.

“Most of them are very rich that they can afford anything for any move that they wish to make.

“I now urge all poor pupils, mostly Africans not to join rich people’s societies as some of their richness is from cults.”

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