Changamire’s relationship advice

24 Jan, 2023 - 00:01 0 Views
Changamire’s relationship advice Fungai Mutisi and partner


Tanaka Mahanya

SOCIALITE Fungai Mutisi, better known as Changamire in social media streets, has advised women to date men who love them.

Changamire, who recently got engaged, said women should consider men who do not care about their past.

“Let me tell you about my early dating days with Baba Changamire. One morning, I decided to share with him my past relationships and how they ended.

“I couldn’t finish the statement because he said he didn’t want to hear anything about it,” she said.

She said he assured her that he would be surprised if a beautiful woman like her didn’t have past relationships.

“I would be shocked too if a woman like you stayed in a toxic relationship. I am not here to audit your past, I just want to be part of your life.

“I am not concerned with your past, but I love the woman you are today,” she said.

She said a man who loves you does not care about your past relationship garbage.

“When he said this, I knew instantly that he is the one.”

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