Chanter campaigns for Africa unification

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Chanter campaigns for Africa unification Ras Shine



Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

SOUTHERTON based Zim dancehall artiste Ras Shine has combined forces with other African artistes with the aim to unite the continent.

Ras Shine said the project called Mama Africa set to be released during this festive season has artistes from nine countries which include Mozambique, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone.


In an interview with H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, the chanter said Mama Africa song, a brainchild of Sierra Leone RnB artiste Lamboy, is set to inspire and unite African people.


“Since we realised that there is self-hate in some of our brothers who call a fellow African brother with derogatory names and even kill others because they are from another country, we have decided to do Mama Africa project to help eradicate this madness and unite this continent.


“Africa is a continent full of life as it has more young people.


“We need to inspire those youths to use their energy to develop Africa and not to fight each other,” said Ras Shine.


The 22-year-old said he yearns for stability in Africa, and said the project is ready.


“Peace and tranquillity are important for our continent. We need so we can catch up with developed nations.


“Hence, the song with my friends around Africa has a message to encourage all I am yearning for and what this continent needs.


“We are ready to give you this project as it is ready and it will be the game changer,” he said.


Ras Shine’s successful song is Ngatiitei Love. He records with Samcris at Digital. Claims Records.


This year he released an EP titled Kuchema Kusingapere. He also did collaborations with artistes like Van Choga, Mad Viper and T Makwikwi.

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