Chanter gets wheel-chair, groceries

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Chanter gets wheel-chair, groceries


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

DISABLED chanter and basketball player Mike Saujeni was all smiles last Friday after he received a new wheel-chanter and groceries, thanks to Alfred Dondo Foundation in partnership with Impala Car Rental.

The 20-year-old who was born with spinal befida could not hide his elation after he received a surprise visit at their Chitungwiza lodgings.

Mike ‘Micho Bhacho’ Saujeni

So dire was Saujeni’s condition as they have gone for days on empty tummies while his old wheel-chair was worn out.


Better known as  Micho Bhacho in entertainment circles, the chanter has penned over 200 songs but is also struggling to raise money for studio bookings.


“I’m very happy for this donation I received today and I am grateful to Impala people who remembered us after we made an appeal.


“I have realised that good people still exists and I always pray to God to protect us since we have no father as our mother is the on looking after us.


“With Covid-19 restrictions, my mother has lost her source of income as he used to buy and sell clothes to surrounding farms.


“So in short, my life has not been easy  and I’m grateful to God because I am multi-talented despite my condition,” he said.


Micho who has difficult in walking, especially when visiting the toilet has also appealed for gym gloves.


“Another problem I have is that I have problems in walking and I wish I could get a better place to stay with facilities that suits our condition.


“Another problem I have is that I have problems when I want to travel for errands and basketball matches since motorists are not comfortable in assisting us when they see us flagging them down.


“It’s really a huge problem for me because I miss appointments and matches because of transport problems,” he said.


Micho who lost a residential stand to a “well connected” person said he was also willing to fight for his house.


“I once purchased a residential stand close by but it was possessed by those who are connected and up to now I always cry when I think about it.


“It has always been my wish to own a piece of land but  those with fat pockets and well connected came  and elbowed me  and it is my wish that I will repossess it soon.


“I understand that the person who took over my stand is now developing it maybe God has a way of comforting me because I will move in an already built house.


“However, I have another stand in Ruwa that I got through our cooperative and it is my wish that in won’t lose it again as compared to the first one that I lost.


“I’m also appealing for assistance to be able to build the house and move in with my mother because this lifer of renting is not good for us and my mother who works hard to ensure that we get a decent place to stay with my family,” he said.


Micho’s mother Anne Mangadze broke down as she narrated how her son has been struggling at home.


“You have come at a right time since we had no money and food in the house.


“It’s not easy a widow to fend for her family especially these days when people are struggling to make ends meet owing to the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions,” she said.


Alfred Dondo Foundation representative Memory Dondo said they were touched by Micho’s condition  and pledged to come back with more stuff in future.


“We have assessed the situation here  and it doesn’t look good for the family  and we have realised that a lot still needs to be done here,” she said.


The Alfred Dondo Foundation in partnership with Impala have been giving back to  the community as part of their corporate social responsibility.


Last week, they assisted a 16-year-old girl from Mvurwi Sharon Sharon Chirata who got injured at the age of five when their mother had going for bingeing.


They pledged to pay for her school fees at her school of choice to ensure that she finishe her studies under the Alfred Dondo Foundation which caters for orphaned  and less privileged children.


Prior to that, they also assisted struggling musicians Progress Chipfumo, Sam Mataure, Patrick Mkwamba, Gift “Shiga-Shiga” Katulika with groceries  and cash.


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