Lloyd Mwale in KADOMA

THERE was chaos at Freeman’s album tour show at Kadoma Odyssey Hotel last Saturday after revellers rained missiles on Enzo Ishall while he was performing.

Enzo Ishall and ExQ were the supporting acts as the HKD boss brought his new album to his fans in this mining and farming town.

At about 1am, Enzo was belting one of this songs when the crowd turned hostile as many were not happy with the sound quality.

Missiles started to rain on the stage.

“At around 1am Enzo was belting out one of his songs, using a live band, and the poor sound quality irritated the crowd,” said a witness.

“Enzo tried to calm them, but the crowd would not have any of that and started pelting him with empty beer cans and bottles.

“Enzo and his band scurried for cover.”

Freeman, who was the main act, then stepped in and pleaded with the crowd to stop the violence.

“The situation was only saved by Freeman who jumped onto the stage and begged the crowd to stop throwing the missiles.

“He started performing and this calmed the fans.

“But, for Enzo, this was a no-go area.

“Enzo akaramwa stage after mabhodhoro.”

Contacted for comment Enzo Ishall tried to downplay the disturbance.

“Missiles were thrown from everywhere but the targets were the security guys and the dogs,” he said.

The singer’s management team added:

“The barricade issue started everything, they did not dislike him, as evidenced by how they were singing to each and every song,

“If that barricade never went down, they would have never been any issue.

“Actually they wanted to get close to him so they broke down that barricade and security attacked them with dogs.

“You seem very biased, don’t write anything about him if you are still misinformed.”

Odyssey spokesperson, Prince Mharadze, confirmed the chaos.

“It is true that there were disturbances, but I wouldn’t put them down to poor sound only, a power fault was a challenge in the later portion of the night with the on and off frustrating fans.

“I would also say some fans, who were climbing barricades, made it difficult for others to see.”

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