Arron Nyamayaro

Lessons were disrupted yesterday as parents clashed with the headmaster of Courtney Selous Primary School over allegations of rampant abuse of funds.

Police had to be called in to disperse the parents who were clashing with the headmaster, Ian Simbarashe Tsuro.

There were claims that some financial documents were about to be collected from the school without the approval of the District Education Director.

Parents felt the collection of the documents by the district accountant, (who is also a parent at the school), was presumably to conceal evidence of the alleged misuse of funds at the school.

“The documents he wanted to collect contained some irregularities on how the school used some funds.

“There are elements of criminal activities here and we wish to lodge a police report for justice to take its course.

“There is a serious conflict of interest being shown by the accountant considering that he came in a different hat to execute unsanctioned duties,” said Owen Goto, the School Development Committee chairperson.

Another parent said:

“The school has been turned into a business by some staff members.

“The headmaster wanted US$1300 to attend a two-day workshop in Masvingo and it is that issue which forced the current SDC chairperson, to seek an immediate handover of documents which highlighted all these irregularities.

“Imagine that a mere tyre puncture repair costs US$45.

“Procurement for certain projects was done without flighting a tender or engaging Public Works.

“Lately, the same preferred company was given the job to fix and supply at highest prices.”

Another parent said:

“Money generated, through the Econet signal booster situated at the school premises, was not found.”

The SDC committee was recently                                                                                               changed.

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