Chaos at shrine

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Chaos at shrine


9 October 2018

. . . as parties fight for residential stands

THERE was chaos at an apostolic sect shrine in Budiriro which left many casualties and one admitted at Harare Central Hospital on Saturday.

Two groups fought over residential stands in Budiriro with members from Madzibaba Enock – Herbert Senda, 36, fighting in one corner while the others were from the vice chairman Clifford Chimusoro’s camp.

H-Metro attended the scene where we interviewed Madzibaba Enock of Johane Masowe eNyenyedzi Nomwe who said was shocked after learning that their shrine had been attacked.

“I am shocked after receiving the report from our congregant Nyikadzino Chingoma who watches over patients at our shrine that our shrine was under attack.

“Many were injured as these intruders were shouting that they had come to finish everything once and forever.

“Unfortunately, I am still here in Nyamakate, Hurungwe from for our annual Passover,” said Madzibaba Enock.

He also narrated how his shrine and co-operative started.

“We formed this Johane Masowe Housing Cooperative in 2015 but started staying at this shrine in 1999.

“We even tried to apply to Zvimba Council for a response to own this land for development from 2006 to 2010 and we later discovered that this land was under local government.

“We then submitted our papers with the Local Government for recognition at that place.

“Finally, we were regularised by the City of Harare by the end of 2015, meaning I am the founder of this Johane Masowe YeChishanu YeNyenyedzi Nomwe Housing Cooperative, a corporative from my church; our aim being to make sure that all congregants without houses benefit from this shrine’s cooperative after contributing money.

“The likes of Clifford Chimusoro were already converts in 2015 when they came to our church.

“I assigned them to manage this housing co-operative for our congregants and instead of making sure our apostles get stands, they started selling these stands to outsiders.

“These apostles were contributing their money from 2015 up to 2017. In July we discovered that Clifford Chimusoro, 52, the vice chairman of the co-operative, its chairman and treasurer had gone to the council and replaced the church congregants with outsiders without our consent or knowledge.

“My congregation members went to the district officers asking for an explanation on this irregularity,” said Madzibaba Enock.

He said Chimusoro and his colleagues collected money from many people promising to give them stands.

“Former church members had paid about $200 000 in contributions of $50, $100, $500, $1000 to Taurayi Manyika the Chairman, Chimusoro, Muchineripi Utete the treasurer; how come they left out our church members?” asked Madzibaba Enock.

“To date, they have squandered thousands contributed by 157 members.

“Their members are coming here saying they gave them money ranging from $3000 to $18000 but the council did not give them the land they are collecting cash for; they no longer brief me on what is happening on the co-operative I formed.”

“I did not receive the court order interdict they are saying it was delivered to me by any officer, they are fake documents.

“All my court cases are being cooked by these criminals in order for them to get rid of me”

“As we speak, I was accused of two cooked rape cases, one was already acquitted, that the courts and God for their fairness, I am out on bail pending appeal.

“The cooperative they are using to fight me away is that same cooperative I formed under my church and shrine for their benefit as all congregants called Johane Masowe YeChishanu YeNyenyedzi Nomwe Housing corporative, are they the owners or founders of this Johane Masowe YeChishanu YeNyenyedzi Nomwe church?

“We chased them away and they want to push me away,” said Madzibaba Enock.

H-Metro got in touch with Clifford who gave his side of the story.

“Johane Masowe Yenyenyedzi Nomwe Housing Cooperative was officially allocated the piece of land with 157 stands in October 2016, the cooperative was formed from congregants so all willing members subscribed.

“All who did not subscribe refused citing defeat because we were in a wrangle with a bank.

“Those who refused are the ones who are now being mobilised by Hebert Senda,” said Chimusoro

Chimusoro said they were never chased at the shrine.

“We got the land from the authorities to allocate 157 stands to them at Remainder of Glen Eagles Farm from 2012.

“We had to add more contributors from outside after some congregants left church.

“It was in 2017 when we came at loggerheads with Madzibaba Enock Senda.

“Senda asked for 40 ‘spiritual stands’ stands which he claimed to have facilitated in getting the land but he was told that spiritual things had not earthly land.”

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