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16 November 2018

Clive Rupiya

CHAPUNGU forward Clive Rupiya says they are going for a must win when they face Yadah at Ascot on Sunday in one their decisive match to stay in the Premier League.

Chapungu are still in the relegation matrix with two games to go, but they need a win to stay safe.

Chapungu are on position 14 with 37 points while the team on top of the relegation zone, Nichrut, are on 33 points with a chance to survive relegation if they win their last two games and hope Chapungu accumulate a point or lose their remaining games.

Rupiya said they are going to prove why they should stay in the league when they play against Yadah.

“This is an important match for us and we are not going to take that game lightly.

“We know Yadah are not going to play an easy game because they are not under pressure, they are definitely going to give us a tough game so that we can prove a point if we are worthy to play in the topflight league.

“We are therefore going for maximum points come Sunday,” said Rupiya.

Rupiya, who has scored three goals since he joined the air force side at the beginning of the second half of the season, is positive that they will avoid relegation.

“We will survive and I do not see us going to be relegated at the end of the season.

“There are high chances that we will play in the league next season as we only need three points and they are achievable in these last two games that we will play.

“The team is ready since all the boys are highly motivated with this situation that we are in and we are not going to show no mercy to Yadah,” he said.




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