Charamba speaks on child killers

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Charamba speaks on child killers Pastor Charles Charamba


‘. . . these superstitions are fake’

Shingirirayi Mugodi, Entertainment Reporter

GOSPEL supremo Pastor Charles Charamba says he is pained by the unfortunate killings of innocent children.

He said the killing of innocent souls for rituals was regrettable.

He expressed these sentiments following the death of a Murewa boy, whose uncle allegedly had him murdered and mutilated.


In an interview, Baba Charamba said it is painful that these killings are done by people very close to the children.

“It is something that is very sad and very unfortunate because it is being done by people who are supposed to be trusted custodians of the children. They abuse their offices and also abuse their relationships with their victims.


“We are hoping that the Almighty guides us so that our society changes and improves when it comes to issues that have to do with trust.

Pastor Charles Charamba

“Above all, the way in which us people want money nowadays is not a good way at all and this is also being caused by what is known as superstition because what people usually regard as worshipping is not actually worshipping,” he told H-Metro.


“There are a lot of people who are doing those superstitious things and this is to believe in a way and manner of doing things using methods that have not been proven and putting those methods to be a part of your own belief.


“These are also things that are adopted through hearsay. That is what has gripped our society, operating under the influence of superstition.


“The way of living as a Christian does not allow that and even those that do “zvechivanhu” say they do not do that either, superstition is one of the enemies of our society and we should learn to keep children safe and we should also try and fix our egos.


“The disappointing aspect in this account of Tapiwa from Murewa is that those men that wanted to be rich, wanted to be rich during this lockdown knowing that everyone in the world has been impoverished.


“They were led by that need to be rich when everything else around the world is stagnant, that is very evil,” Baba Charamba said.


Pastor Charamba also spoke on how the Bible talks of the sacredness of life:


“For me as a pastor, it is very unfortunate that we lost Tapiwa and others of his age but I am saying that life is sacred.


“The Bible says that we should regard life with the respect that is due to it, the gift of life comes from God so the life of a child and the life of an elderly person even if they are in pain and old we should not kill them because we have rituals that we have decided to do.


“A person who is physically impaired and spends the whole day sleeping should not be killed for rituals, everyone is important, the adults, the children, male or female, a sane person or an insane person.


“Everyone’s life should be taken by God not by fellow human beings, that I why I am saying that life is sacred.”


He also stressed on the issue that people should be like termites that work hard to build their forts and said that people should be like termites too.


“On this issue, I am advising people to trust working hard, in the Bible in 1 Thessalonians 3 there is a verse in which Paul says that someone who does not want to work should not eat and another one in Proverbs 6 says that “Go and watch the ants you laggards and see how industrious they are”.


“Let us trust the culture of working and not believe that we can get rich through the equations that we are given by false prophets and those traditional healers, there are people who are important to us in societies, I respect herbalists, pure herbalists.


“I do not respect traditional healers because they bring an element of belief of spirits into their activities and I believe that we should fear God, respect human life, trust in working hard and there are somethings that we are keeping all because we say they are part of our culture,” Baba Charamba told H-Metro.


He also saluted the police force in the way they handled everything and challenged his fellow evangelists to do something to ensure that the killing of children or anybody else stops.


“I challenge others that I preach with in the religious community, we have a very big duty as the security sector.


“I salute the police for being quick to act on account of the issue of Tapiwa. But we should increase our effort.


“Let me start by saying that what happened to Tapiwa will not hurt him but it is a huge loss, his funeral is not for Tapiwa’s family only, the children that are under 12 years old right now are traumatized,” he said.


Baba Charamba explained how such events can be traumatising to young children and gave an example of when he was growing up.


“During my time when I was a little boy, when we were going to school there were people called Mabhinya, which was not a name associated with rapists only but also with people who had something to do with ritual killings.


“When we were children there were those that were called Madzuramoyo, similar to Tapiwa’s killers.


“The fear that goes through children’s minds when they are travelling to and from school shows that we have children in the Murewa area, who are melting like candles right now because of fear,” he said.


He added:

“In Tapiwa’s area, the children there are going to live in continuous mode of traumatization of fear because the person they fear they do not know him and they cannot see him.


“I know that at the rural areas you cross an average of two or three rivers for you to get to school, when we were children if you stayed behind when going home because of school that used to be hell or a death trap for you.”

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