AFTER a month in the UK, Pastor Charles Charamba and wife Olivia are packing their bags for their return home.

Pastor Charamba also watched his favourite team, Manchester United, when they lost 0-1 to Arsenal on Sunday at Old Trafford.

H-Metro’s Trust Khosa (TK) had a one-on-one interview with Pastor Charamba (PC).

TK: What can you say about the reception you received in the UK?

PC: We are quite grateful that the UK fans also like the Charambas’ music to this day. Some get so emotional as you sing alongside them due to the attachment they have to the songs. Many confess that the music continues to minister amazingly to their souls.

TK: What had you missed from your overseas fans?

PC: Both parties missed each other. Some are stressed by studies and work routines such that they find the music quite refreshing. It’s so motivating when we learn that the music we produce promotes hope, positivity and goodwill.

TK: After the UK tour, what’s your next stop as far as international tours are concerned?

PC: We have so many invites to perform in the UK and the United States of America. However, we are not taking urgent dates because we are winding up on our long-term programme that has taken our time for the past few years. We will resume in the near future.

TK: When can you expect you back home?

PC:  We will be home by Friday, God granting life.

TK: What are you missing back home?

PC: We would be glad to return home this week to resume our usual daily duties at the family and church level.

TK:   What can you say about the response you got from the last sermon that you conducted?

PC: It’s been amazing. We glorify God, the source of the message. There has been an overwhelming acknowledgement that those in attendance were edified and nothing is more fulfilling than that.

TK:   As a soccer fan, how did you feel when you visited Old Trafford to watch your favourite team Manchester United?

PC: Those are great teams. Up to now, I do not understand how it worked out that I had confirmed an invite to preach at a church that is only 10 minutes away from Old Trafford when my assignment was only going to be concluded two hours before the commencement of the game. There I was, ushered by the Chimimbas — our acquaintances — and enjoyed the match. I enjoyed the fun that ensued as a result of my attire and demeanour at the game.

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