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CHARI, PINTEC JOIN FORCES Obert Chari (centre), Chales Pintec (right) and Mambo Hermas


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

KADOMA based dendera musician Charles Pintec has featured Obert Chari in his love song titled Gamba Rerudo.

Pintec said the song comes after the release of his successful Covid-19 song titled Yowerere.

Obert Chari and Charles Pintec (right)

“I did a collaboration with Obert Chari and with his level, we did well since he also comes from this side, I hope our fans will enjoy the love song.


“Remember after we released our album Curriculum in February this year we then released Yowerere, a Covid-19 song.


“This time we are bringing back the album to our fans, since we have added three songs, Yowerere, Gamba rerudo plus tribute to Oliver Mtukudzi song called Mombe yechimanda.


“A lot of people miss mdara Tuku and everyone who listened to him, will have a chance to enjoy the song,” he said.


Pintec said they worked on the album in Tuku’s album.


“We did it in his voice since I think many fans have missed legend Tuku and it has been added to the album.


“Fans should be aware that we have these new projects and we are continuing to release Dendera music and we will not starve our fans,” he said.


“I will be holding Dendera Thursdays very soon at the Odessey in Kadoma courtesy of 2 Kings Entertainment.


“So that our fans will have a chance to see us on stage live for free and I am working with mdhara Allan Chimbetu on a collabo song that will be a Christmas box.”


The cleric said the song is a dedication song to his wife.


“Gamba Rerudo is a dedication song and a birthday present to my wife Nunurai Pintec whom I share a birthday with that is on the November 22.


“She is a heroine ,she stood with me through thick and thin so she deserves the song and plans for the video shoot are underway as we are working extra hard to satisfy our fans,” he added.


Some of the songs on the album include Chiroto, Ndiwe Baba, Raira Vana, Mhiko Yemuchato, Saimba, Chikwati and Pikerere.


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