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UK-BASED gospel artist, Yeukai Washe, will celebrate her 40th birthday on Saturday, alongside the Charambas.

Yeukai turns 40 on the same day Baba Charamba will celebrate his 53rd birthday.

The diva left Zimbabwe 20 years ago and it has always been her wish to share the stage with her role models.

After settling well in the UK, she has never lost contact with the Charambas, who ushered her into the music industry.

The two camps’ double at the Keel Hall in Keel, Staffordshire, is a bit special as Yeukai shares the same birthday with Charles Charamba.

“I am feeling excited and humbled to be able to perform alongside the Charambas.

“As a teenager, I used to look up to them while I was still resident in Zimbabwe.

Yeukai Washe

“I used to follow them along with Rebecca Malope. I  have always been in touch with them and when I came back, I made sure that I reached out to them,” she said.

Yeukai, who has three albums to her credit, has described the Charambas’ engagement as a dream come true.

“The Charambas left Zimbabwe today (Monday) and we do expect them here on time on Tuesday (today)  ahead of our performance in the UK.

“I can’t wait to share the stage with them and to thank God for his favour after all that has been happening to me.

“Our show is sold out after we announced that the Charambas were coming here.

“Their music is timeless and that is the reason why you see that they are still in demand overseas.

“I have also learned quite a lot from them, like avoiding ungodly stuff.

“I have also learned to fear God and honour Him all the time.”

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