Curtworth Masango

THE Dynamos leadership have reached out to former vice-chairman, Vincent Chawonza, amid indications that they would want him back in the fold.

Chawonza was relieved of his duties on allegations of bringing the club into disrepute by issuing media statements without the board’s approval.

However, there were indications that the real reason behind his ouster was his resistance to the intended reinstatement of Richard Chihoro and Murape Murape, who had been reassigned as part of a cocktail of disciplinary measures last year.

Chihoro and Murape have a strong relationship with Dynamos board chairman, Bernard Marriot-Lusengo.

Prior to his unceremonious departure, Chawonza had embarked on an ambitious plan to instil professionalism in the administration of Dynamos.

He advocated for the empowerment of junior teams and paved the way for them to play curtain raiser matches ahead of the senior team’s home games.

He was credited for facilitating a deal with a Harare travel agent to ensure Dynamos fly to Bulawayo and Hwange for their matches.

In an interview with Zimpapers Sport, Chawonza confirmed the development.

“Yes, the club approached me through the board chair, I made it clear that I had no problems with going back to Dynamos.

“It is an institution that I love so much and the club I have supported all my life.

“But, the challenge was that the club wants me to negotiate my way back by apologising for breaking protocol.

“I didn’t break any protocol and it sounded like a gimmick to further tarnish my image and, even in my sleep, I wouldn’t accept that.”

He added:

“I also emphasised the issue of the working environment, the environment has to enable those appointed to do the work they are supposed to do with enthusiasm and passion.

“You can’t have a dog and bark for it, let the people do what they are hired to do without interference.

“If you look at the situation closely, I was benefiting nothing from the club but I was actually using my resources.

“So, not being part of the executive, means I will have more time focusing on growing my business further.

“So, my return to the club has to be on terms in which it will be guaranteed that professionalism will be the key element to drive our work, without that I will be an ordinary fan.”

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