Cheat threatens to commit suicide

27 Aug, 2021 - 11:08 0 Views
Cheat threatens to commit suicide


Elivis Maroto in Rushinga

A young Rushinga wife who had been threatening her husband with committing suicide after being caught having adultery was finally allowed to separate after the boyfriend was fined by Chief’s Court.

Ruth Kamuriwo appeared before Chief Rusambo saying her husband Andrew Gwati had been neglecting her for almost nine months while staying in Harare.


“I need to know that we are still together or I’m no longer your wife?


“If so please I need to know the truth before this court,” said Kamuriwo.


Gwati said he was the one who was supposed to file for divorce not the wife who was caught cheating.


“I’m totally dumbfound.


“I am a victim of her misdeeds; she committed an adultery.


“When I was told that I kept my composure because I was away in Harare and I came home and she admitted to cheating.


“My wife threatened me to commit suicide if I disclosed the case to the people but I told my parents and my aunty and we forgave her,” said Gwati.


Gabriel Gwezere who is Kamuriwo’s boyfriend pleaded guilty and was fined three beasts.


Chief Rusambo also warned Gwati that he should not have hesitated to report for his wife after committing such act.

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