Cheating mom confesses

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Cheating mom confesses


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

…DNA Zim reveals shocking statistics

A SOUTH AFRICAN based married woman reportedly came back to the country to look for another man to impregnate her.

Samantha Toma who is married to a South African based man sired the now three-year-old child with another man – Justine Chiparuse.

Tinashe Mugabe

Toma said they consulted prophets who made her confess who the father of the child was.

Toma admitted before her husband that she had bedded Justine, who could be the biological father of the child prompting DNA tests to be conducted which came out that the man who was thought to be the father was not the biological one.

During Tilder Live Show on Star FM radio on Tuesday, Toma said her husband forgave her and the two agreed to take the child back to Zimbabwe to look for the biological father.

Samantha Toma

“We experienced sleepless nights with my husband in South Africa as the child could hardly stop crying day and night and this forced us to consult self-styled prophets,” said Toma.

“I confessed to bedding another man; he could be the father of the child and my husband allowed me to make a trip to Zimbabwe.

“Upon arriving in Zimbabwe I looked and finally discovered where Chiparuse was working and I visited him with the child.

“Upon confronting him at his workplace he checked his palms and agreed that he was the biological father of the child and we agreed to go for DNA tests as proof to take to my husband in South Africa.

Justine Chiparuse

“My husband told me that according to traditional custom the child was supposed to visit its biological father’s house so as to stop crying,” said Toma.

Chiparuse said he was quick to check for similarities in the child’s hands to avoid noise at his workplace since she approached him in anger.

“Ini chakaita kuti nditarise maoko nekubvuma kuti mwana ndewangu ndaida kuti vafare tozoenda kuma DNA tests sezvo ndaisagudzikanawo kuti mwana ndewangu uye vakandivinga pabasa neshungu dzakawandisa,” said Chiparuse.

According to DNA tests carried by Global DNA Zimbabwe, Chiparuse was found as the biological father of the three-year-old child.

In an interview with H-Metro soon after presenting the results to Chiparuse, Global DNA Zimbabwe officer Tinashe Mugabe said the main reason why people were going for DNA tests was due to the prevailing rate of incest, long distance relationships especially married couples, allegations to be the father due to financial security, disputes for maintenance and inheritance.

He gave DNA statistic records carried by Global DNA Zimbabwe in 2018 saying 70 percent of men who took part in the DNA tests were fending children that are not theirs.

“The 2019 data analysis reflected that 63 percent of the tests done the alleged fathers were excluded as the biological father of the tested child and probability of paternity was zero percent,” said Mugabe.

“The data analysis also reviewed that 37 percent of the test done, the alleged fathers were not excluded as the biological father of the tested child and the probability of paternity was 99.99 percent.

“This shows that from all the test done in 2019 there are more negative results than positive results.

“April, August and December have the highest number of tests as most children are on holidays.

“As Global DNA Zimbabwe we are thankful and happy to announce that through DNA test, professional counselling the peace of mind is restored, families reunite, individuals rejected by families are accepted.

“The Legal DNA Test has enabled inheritance, child support and maintenance disputes to be settled,” said Mugabe.

He said besides carrying peace of mind tests, the organisation also do forensic DNA test that helps in identifying individuals after death, health and weight DNA test help in loosing and gaining weight.

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