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BUSINESSMAN Agrippa Bopela Masiyakurima, who exploded into a fit of rage in which he blasted journalists who covered his court appearance as a “POOR” lot, has been exposed for his LIES.

This follows his guilty plea to a default in maintenance payment related to his children’s school fees.

He labelled the journalists a group of “MAFIKIZOLO.”

He claimed they were allegedly paid US$200 each by his estranged wife Abigail Marongwe, to tarnish his image.

The businessman was irked by the coverage of the case and claimed this was all the work of an unholy alliance between the journalists and his estranged wife.

He took to Facebook to vent his anger.

“I am not sure which Bopela failed to pay school fees for his kids.

“If you go through those screenshots, you will clearly see the poor journalists are twerking for a bowl of soup and the US$200 they each received from Abigail Marongwe.

“This Bopela here, has a family Trust that used to be managed by ex-wife Abigail. She would collect rental money from all fronts on behalf of the Bopela-Masiyakurima family.

“Tell those Mafikizolo journalists that handipedzwe nenewspaper and those who are level-headed can see that this is trash.”

Last week, he was back in court where he pleaded guilty to defaulting maintenance of US$1 800 for his children’s first term fees.

The figures were reduced from the initial US$8053.

The receipts he produced, through his lawyers, showed that he had paid the fees in parts and was in arrears of US$1800, which he was ordered to pay by August 28.

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