Cheeky tenant loses case against landlord, ordered to vacate house

Faith Mandizha

A WATERFALLS tenant’s daring attempt for a peace order against his landlord, after failing to pay rent for three months, has failed.

He has now been ordered to vacate the premises after his application was dismissed by the Harare Civil Court.

Nyasha Muzavazi accused his landlord, Mudzamirini Takarinda, of verbal abuse.

“I don’t deny owing him money, but he’s an abusive landlord.

“He should ask for his money nicely or use other legal means rather than insulting me and sending thugs to harass me,” Nyasha said.

However, Takarinda denied the accusations and said they had a payment plan in place.

Takarinda said he had always been patient with Nyasha and he ended up taking advantage of that.

Mudzamirini Takarinda

“I was shocked to see the summons,” said the landlord.

“I know things are not well for him financially and we agreed on a payment plan.

“But, all he does is ignore my calls and drag me to this court as if I have done something wrong.

“I also have a family to fend for and fees to pay. I have the right to ask for my money.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira dismissed Nyasha’s application and advised him to vacate Takarinda’s premises, as he was in breach of contract.

“Why are you not vacating his premises?

“Breach of contract means eviction, but here you are asking for legal protection because you don’t want him to ask for his money,” she said.


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