Chegutu chanter itches for recognition

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Chegutu chanter itches for recognition Justice Chimedza


Paul Pindani in Chinhoyi

RISING Chegutu born Afro-dancehall artiste, Justice Chimedza, has bemoaned lack of publicity as a setback for most upcoming musicians.

The young musician, who believes music runs in his blood veins, said lack of publicity was hampering most musicians’ careers.


The musician currently basking in glory of recently recorded ten songs told H-Metro that he was yearning for an opportunity to rise to dizzy heights.


The younger crooner whose stage name is CJah – Matsotsi is yearning for the opportunity to be a force to reckon with in the music industry.


He said he was grateful to this publication for giving most upcoming musicians exposure.


“H-Metro has been very consistent in terms of giving exposure to Zim dancehall musicians.


“However, it’s a different song with some media outlets who always give coverage mostly to established artistes at the expense of us,” said Chimedza.


He said that it was high time for the media fraternity to have a paradigm shift when it comes to promoting upcoming musicians.


“All we want is to be given the opportunity to prove that we have come off age and we are now ready to set the music industry ablaze.


“I want to urge the media and music promoters to cascade their coverage to the grassroots , where there is a lot of raw talent that need to be tapped,” said Chimedza.


He said that it was disheartening and very saddening that Afro-dancehall music is viewed as bubble gum music, yet it is a  universally accepted music genre.


“Music promoters look down upon our music, yet we compose songs that  appeals to all generations.”


He added:

“Winky D and Freeman have been my role models. They always inspire me to aspire,”


“I am yet to share any stage with established musicians, but it is my wish to be on stage with my role models.”


Some of his songs include Tinotenda Kuzvakasiyana  that talks about having different  religious Values,RIP Ginimbi- a song to thank  the late socialite for inspiring many youths.


Another song is titled NewComer which talks about his introduction into the music industry.


Other songs are Covid-19- Haisi Meal, which raises awareness on the deadly pandemic.


The music industry since the onset of Covid-19 lockdown a lot of youths faced challenges of loneliness, depression and music was the only soul food to uplift their spirit.

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