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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

UK based sungura musician Rodrick Chemudara who is back home on vacation says he owes his success to former paymaster John Chibadura.

Now in his early 50s, Chemuda who leads the Afro Kings said Chibadura was heaven-sent and he really misses him.


Speaking to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle recently, the Domboshava born star said the former Tembo Brothers leader taught him life before his death in 1999.


“There are things we did together with Chibadura that I still miss today.


“He was by far the biggest crowd-puller Zimbabwe has ever produced.


“Every show that we staged resembled a gala and he taught us how to handle fans,” he said.


Chimudara, who joined Chibadura in 1994 after the disbanding of his own musical group, said his life changed under the mentorship of the late Mr Chitungwiza.


“Chibadura was that kind of boss who was concerned of the welfare of his band members.


“He would visit the lodgings of his band members to check whether they were living at decent houses.


“I bought my first wardrobe after working under him and he was smart,” he said.


The affable band leader vowed to continue recording music despite his demanding life in the UK.


“I’m back home on vacation but I will be going back soon as we are monitoring the fourth wave.


“In the meantime, I will be promoting my 10th album named Rine Nharo Cowboy, which carries the hit song Muzondiwa.


“There is nothing to talk about but I just love music and everything that I learnt from my former paymaster,” he said.


Chemudara who went solo in 1999 boasts of a rich catalogue of albums.


These comprise Makomborero, Chengeto, Vimbikai, Musavavarira, Ndatadza Kumedza, Dollar Power, Reminder, Rudo Kunyanya and Focus.


Meanwhile, Chemudara said he is willing to assist John Chibadura’s sons if consulted.


“I’m there if they need my expertise because I remain an elder in the game,” he said.

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