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HARARE Town Clerk, Hosiah Chisango, says the Operation Chenesa Harare initiative launched at the beginning of the year to remove illegal dumpsites and uncollected garbage from the city, has successfully demonstrated the benefits of decentralising waste management at a local level.

Chisango said the initiative had shown Harare City Council officials the importance of investing in plant and equipment to deal with refuse collection programmes, as the current assets are inadequate for the rapidly growing city.

“Operation Chenesa Harare has taught us fundamental lessons as a local authority in terms of the need to invest heavily in plant and equipment.

“Harare has grown to the extent that the current assets are not adequate for efficient refuse collection,” he said.

In addition, the council is currently running a clearance programme in Tafara to eliminate illegal dumpsites that have built up over the past three years.

Ward 9 councillor, Prince Mutebuka, said the dump clearance covers the whole of Tafara, focusing on shopping centres, commuter omnibus ranks, roadsides and dumpsite at the district office.

“It was now a disaster. We hoped to clear the dumps during Operation Chenesa Harare, but we couldn’t so we pushed council last week to have them cleared,” said Mutebuka.

He urged Tafara residents to notify the council about any dumpsites within their vicinity so that they can extend the operation across Ward 9.

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