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CHENGETO BROWN EXCLUSIVE SONGBIRD Chengeto Brown reckons a lot needs to be done to address mental health issues affecting young people.


… misses late sister Chiedza

…forms mental health foundation

…drops second name

Trust Khosa , Assistant News Editor

SONGBIRD Chengeto Brown reckons a lot needs to be done to address mental health issues affecting young people.

The 25-year-old, who has just released beautiful visuals to her new amapiano single titled Love You More, said the death of her sister Chiedza in 2015 was hard to take.

Chengeto Brown

Chiedza committed suicide in Texas six years ago.


And what made Chiedza’s loss hard to take for Chiedza  and family members is that is occurred in a short space of time after the death of her estranged parents Andy Brown and Chiwoniso Maraire.


Following the death of her sister, Chengeto says she has named her mental health foundation after Chiedza.

Chengeto Brown

“I will be definitely launching my mental health foundation called Chiedza Brown Foundation.


“A few years ago, my younger sister passed away in the State after committing suicide.

Chengeto Brown

“The foundation is mainly focusing on mental health for the people  and other artists as well.


“I think I can help in the conversation but as a country we are not doing enough,” she said.


Chengeto said her foundation would go a long way in addressing mental health issues.


“The main objective of this thing (foundation) it to create a safe space to talk about mental health issues specifically for children and teenagers because I think if we start young, it means less problems to deal with.


“As a country I think we could do better but everything must be learn, we need to unlearn the way we have been dealing with it because you can’t just tell people fix something,” she said.


Despite her efforts to set up a foundation, Chengeto said she was finding it hard to comes to terms with Chiedza’s death.


“It is very difficult, one of the hardest experiences that I have to go through in my life.


“But as I said earlier, everything happens for a reason. You have to actually break down because suicide it’s crazy, violence rates are crazy even if you think of gender based violence.


“So it’s about learning all these weird cultural things we have not been taught,” she said.


Unlike most of the sons and daughters of music legends riding on their departed parents’ names, Chengeto yearns to be her own lady.


“For starters I will drop my last name but you guys (media) mune nharo, you will keep on saying Chengeto Brown.


“I know this but you still call me Chengeto Brown but specifically for this project I am only going by the name Chengeto.


“I think it is important because I come from a big music family and I kinda want to be my own,” said Chengeto.


She however said it was difficult for her to establish herself considering the impact of her late parents.


“Obviously I can’t detach from who I am and my parents’ musical legacy.


“I always pay respect to them, sando dzako but I think it is important to establish Chengeto.


“To those making comparisons, I am still different, I’m still not Chiwoniso but I am a product of both (Chiwoniso and Andy Brown).”


As a young artiste aiming for the stars, Chengeto said she was flexible to work under any conditions.


“I always work very well under pressure; if there is no pressure, you are not doing it correctly,” said.


With most of her siblings trying music, Chengeto said she was committed on establishing herself.


“Individually I think everybody is doing her own thing, everyone has her own journey you so you always focus on your own.


“When chance is given, we always support each other, we all show up as much as we can, which is a blessing itself.


“I come from a big family, we give each other room to be as different as we can,” she said.



Despite losing both parents and building her solo career from scratch, Chengeto said she was living her dream.


“No I don’t have any, I think I am the healthiest person in my career.


“If there are any challenges, they have to be an internal thing, I really can’t say anything like that anyway.”


With most female artistes easily falling prey to sex predators who make empty promises, Chengeto has a devised means to deal with them.


“I don’t engage, if I see It, I walk away.  I don’t have time to start fighting you.


“I’m proud of myself, I don’t engage I think from my parents I have learnt that talk is talk at a young age.


“I also believe in networking but it must be done well,” she said.


Chengeto who has settled well as a solo assured fans that she was working on a new EP titled Same Old Love Songs due for release next month.


As a precursor to the EP, yesterday she released her new amapiano single, titled, Love You More off the same EP.


VMG, an international record label, did part of the production.


Asked what inspired the new love song, she said:


“I genuinely love to write about love and the music we have made reflects just that.”


“What I want to reflect in my new EP, Same Old Love Songs, is the journey of discovering, uncovering, and expressing love, self-love, and pure love, in all of its entities.


“I have had many experiences in my life that have culminated into this project and have carefully selected tracks that I believe will seamlessly connect with my fans and become a part of their fondest memories.”


Besides this forth-coming EP, Chengeto has been releasing a number pf singles.


To date she has done eight singles which have accompanying videos.


Some of her singles comprise Pedza Neni, Good To Me, Do Anything among others.


Quizzed about her love life, Chengeto said  was blunt.


“I’m 25, I have got a son, his name is Zion Brown. He turned three years on August 13  and he loves my new single.


“Let’s us not talk about the father but just know that I have a son,” she said.


On a parting shot, Chengeto says she owes a lot of people who have been there for her since day one.


“There is Allan Mapnai, he is definitely a person that I have gone into management with.


“He is the best who is the executive producer for this project, DJ Mox has been so supportive and pushing and Phil Chard.


“Fellow musicians there is Gemma, Jah Prayzah who has been very supportive.


“I recorded the whole project at his studios where Rodney Beatz has also helped me along with Humpfrey Domboka,” he said.


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