Chenna Nenni to light up iFashion Fest

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Chenna Nenni to light up iFashion Fest Ngoni Motsi


16 December 2016

Ngoni Motsi

Ngoni Motsi

FASHION designer Ngoni Motsi is set to showcase his latest collection themed Risks at the iFashion Festival taking place at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo.

Ngoni, who has been making headlines with his crafts on different platforms and his Royals collection, said he could not wait for his first showcase in Bulawayo.

“The collection I will be presenting at iFashion Festival is called Risks.

“This year has been a very experimental year for me in the fashion industry, with a lot of risks being taken in building the brand.

“I want to end the year with a collection that represents all the highlights and journey we travelled through with my team in making things work.

“It also has an unusual color combination, one that a lot of people will find interesting. The fashion industry has its highs and lows, hence the two clashing colors represent exactly that aspect of the journey,” head designer of Chenna Nenni, Ngoni said.

Ngoni has had the pleasure of working with the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe contestants for this year and dressing different celebrities for awards and on stages like Cindy Munyavi.

“This year I have been working a lot in growing the brand and perfecting our products. Most of the works were behind the scenes, trying to put our house in order prior to taking anything out.

“In September, I showcased at the September Issues, a fashion show which featured10 local designers who collaborated to present the show.

“Participating as one of the fashion designers for Miss Tourism Zimbabwe was one of my best highlights for this year and I am looking forward to showcasing elsewhere and doing my best to represent the brand,” Ngoni told H-Metro.

The Festival will be an opportunity for the designer to collaborate with designers from Bulawayo like Yvette Ndaba and AraKani who Ngoni praised for their works.

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