Chiangwa led AFM Church heads for split

Arron Nyamayaro

THE Apostolic Faith Mission of Zimbabwe (AFM) is facing a potential split due to clashes between church elders over its constitution.

Reverend Cossum Chiangwa, who leads the church, is said to have altered the constitution without involving other elders in an attempt to remain in power.

The AFM constitution calls for elections every three years to elect a new president and deputy president from among senior pastors.

Rev Chiangwa has been accused by concerned pastors of not paving the way for elections and not adhering to the constitution.

Meetings have been held since August to address the issues, with some factions pushing for Rev Chiangwa to step down.

His tenure is said to have lapsed and he has reportedly exceeded the 65-year age cap for one to preside over the church, under its constitution.

On Saturday, Mid North Province members clashed at a meeting where strong words were used, as they tried to find common ground to avoid a possible split in Kadoma.

In a meeting on September 18 last year, resolutions on the issues included upholding the church’s constitution, the long overdue announcement on church elections and dates.

Resolutions of a meeting held by the Mid North Province dated October 24 stated as follows:

“As concerned pastors, we feel we are being undermined by the chairman, Rev C Chiangwa, Rev Mathe and Pastor Gutura.

“We feel we cannot work in harmony with Rev Mathe and Pastor Gutura unless and until you come and resolve our differences.

“We feel a fellowship that commenced at 10am to 2pm on October 23 with Rev Chiangwa, Rev Muhamba, Rev Mutikanhi and all pastors, did not address our concerns objectively, hence it left us more divided than before.

“Yet we had hope that our concerns would be heard, but this was far from our hope. We pray that as the executive, you shall be able to help us resolve this long overdue problem.

“We are sincerely writing this letter with pain because of what we have been going through since 2019,” reads part of the resolutions copied to Rev Chiangwa and Rev Mathe.

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