Chibadura sons vow to silence critics

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Chibadura sons vow to silence critics John Junior, Simba and Knoweldge


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

John Chibadura’s three sons Knowledge, Simba and Johm Knowledge reckon they will not win a war against their late father’s critics and haters.

Rather than fighting back or trying to defend their late father’s alleged off-stage antics and conduct, the trio has decided to remain focused on reviving Mr Chitungwiza’s music.

John Junior, Simba and Knoweldge

Chibadura died on August 8 1999 after a long illness.


However, there have been attempts by the surviving Tembo Brothers members to keep Chibadura’s legacy going but alleged in-house fights stalled progress.


It means his sons had to take over the reins but they still encountered challenges along the way.


This time around, the trio of Simba, (35), Knoweldge (37) and John Junior (33), believe they are ripe to silence their critics with a new album titled Murawu waMwari due for release soon.


“We are now mature and focused as compared to the year 2004 when we released our first album Makatiraira which was followed by Vision 2020 which did not do well on the market.


“We are grateful that Jenaguru Arts Centre has come on board and our business affairs are now being professionally run.


“At Jenaguru Arts Centre (owned by Clive Malunga) we are simply focusing on music while they do management, something that we have been lacking before,” said Simba.


Simba said there three co-directors in their camp who are calling the shots.


“We are now trading as Knowledge, Simba and John Junior backing by The Tembo Brothers.


“This is the only Tembo Brothers that you must respect and follow because there were so many splinter outfits using the same name.


“In our set up, John Junior plays the lead guitar, Saidi Saidi (bass guitar) Saison Goba (rhythm) and of course our drummer Andrew.


“John helps me as a backing vocalist and we are happy with this set up,” he said.


Like most of his peers in the creative sector, Simba said they were affected by the Covid-19 induced lockdown.


“The lockdown has greatly affected us but we are trying our level best to remain relevant.


“Jenaguru Arts Centre boss Cde Malunga has intervened at the right time and we are more than happy that we now have him in our new setup,” he added.


Malunga has been assisting music of late legends record their music for free at his studios and he recently built a tombstone of Tinei Chikupo.


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