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Tatenda Chipungudzanye, News Editor

SEVERAL people have lost money after being lured into fake eggs and chicken deals by a man purporting to represent a poultry company.

Artwell Makumbe claims to be an agent for Huku Zimbabwe and stands accused of failing to deliver eggs and chickens to customers dotted around the country.


Allegations are that Makumbe shifts goalposts when it comes to delivering what would have been paid for.


He could however, not shed much light on the issue as he blocked this reporter on WhatsApp, while his phone went unanswered before being switched off.


“I work at Huku Zimbabwe. I don’t know what you are talking about,” he responded on WhatsApp before blocking the reporter.


Several people who spoke to this publication said they had lost varying amounts to Makumbe.


“I joined his group as a farmer and then I got interested in getting chicks for rearing.


“Makumbe then told me go and pay for the chicks along George Silundika near First Street.


“I paid US$50 equivalent in RTGS, but the chicks were never delivered.


“When I call Makumbe, he does not pick calls or reply to messages.


“People should know that this man operating using the name Huku Zimbabwe is duping people of their hard-earned cash,”


said a farmer only identified as Mai Muteti.


She said she has since lodged a complaint with the police under CR1038/3/21.


Mai Muteti said she then got into another WhatsApp group where Makumbe was and she indicated that he had conned her, but she was quickly removed from the group.


“I was ejected from the group when I exposed Makumbe’s fraudulent activities,” said Mai Muteti.


Another woman said she lost US$330 and $220 for eggs which were never delivered.


Haana mazai awo; we paid him US$330 plus $220 for two crates of eggs kundibudisa mugroup kusada ndiudze vanhu.


“Please report him,” said the woman.


Another woman who called herself Tia said she got her refund after a struggle.


“I got my refund. “Handina kumbowana huku, it was one statement after another “I was the first person to expose him that is when people started opening up.


“I saw him mutown this other day ndine sister yangu ane munhu waaive naye achimhanya. I recognised him, haana kumira but akatondiona, so mabecause awanda that’s when pandakatanga kumunetsera mari yangu kuti ndipe back.


“Then achibva asenda back mari via EcoCash,” said Tia.

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