‘Chiconomy’ Vault makeover party tomorrow

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‘Chiconomy’ Vault makeover party tomorrow Tadiwa Tasha - Vault Makeup artist


2 December 2016

Jackie Mgido

Jackie Mgido

VAULT cosmetics will tomorrow hold a makeup party for all the women who love and know the value of looking good dubbed ‘Chiconomy’.

The make-up party is slated for Pariah State in Avondale from 12pm to 6pm.

Jackie Mgido, the founder of Vault cosmetics confirmed that there will be a lot of surprises at the party, including discounted prices for selected customers, free food and drinks for everyone.

“I am so excited to finally make the long awaited announcement. It’s our end of year party and it will be called CHICONOMY, (Chic and economically affordable.) It’s a free party for all Zimbabwean women who love to look good. It will be happening at Pariah and everyone is welcome. Entry is free and we will be providing free food and drinks courtesy of our sponsors 4th street wines and AFDIS,” she said.

Tadiwa Tasha - Vault Makeup artist

Tadiwa Tasha – Vault Makeup artist

Mgido also revealed that a free air ticket will be won at the party among other prizes from the Vault cosmetics range.

“It’s all about participating and looking good everyday with vault. We have all sorts of prizes to be won including lisptains, lipsticks, lip-glows and blushes among other things. Our biggest prize is an air ticket and details will be given on the day in question.”

Mgido, who is one of the women to have successfully brought a lot of positive change in the facial makeup in Zimbabwe said the party is meant to celebrate the year 2016 and appreciate their clients.

“We had a great year and it’s all because of our clients. The support we got from Zimbabwean women was amazing throughout the year.”

“Gone are the days where makeup did more damage than good. Historically, women have had to pay a price for beauty and the price usually came in clogged pores that lead to breakouts.

“Look where you have taken us. Four years ago the small bottles afforded us the ability to provide a quality product at an affordable price. Every woman deserves to look like a queen without breaking the bank. It is because of you that we are growing.

“We have an extensive range of fresh formulae that are hypoallergenic, fragrance free, allergy tested and non-comedegenic.”

Mgido is expected to educate clients on the benefits of makeup and proper application techniques which she most definitely will be doing at the party so it’s a must-attend.

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