Chidziva’s road to stardom

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Chidziva’s road to stardom Emma Chidziva


FOR Emma Chidziva her height shaped her netball career a sport she never dreamt of playing.

But an incident when she was asked to come in as a stand-in player whilst in form two at Seke High 1 School in Chitungwiza due to her imposing height which stands at 1.78cm, changed everything for the 25-year old.

Chidziva was being asked to learn the type of netball basics that most girls are taught at school – how to move, where to stand, how to land correctly and would eventually marked the path for her to this point.

Emma Chidziva

It gave her a reason to expand her horizons far beyond the modest environs of Chitungwiza as she ensured it does not remain there for long.

Chidziva would go on to join the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Queens (ZDF) where she has since developed into one of the key players, playing a leading role currently in the team’s fight for the championship in the Rainbow Amateur Netball League.

Her performances for the ZDF Queens would affords her an opportunity to travel around the world after being called to represent the national team during the World Cup Qualifiers in 2014 while also making the grade during the Diamond Cup in South Africa.

H-Metro’s SHELLY GUNI caught up with Chidziva as she shares netball experience… read on

Name: Emma

Surname: Chidziva

Date of Birth: 02-February 1994

Emma Chidziva

Height: 1.78cm

Religion: Christian

Marital status: Married with one kid

Schools attended: St Aidans Primary School, Seke 1 High School

Position:  Goal-Keeper, Goal-Defence, Goal-Shooter

Club: ZDF Queens

National Team Caps: Two (2)

National Team Highlights:  World Cup Qualifiers (Botswana), Diamond Cup (South Africa)

Favourite Food: Sadza and Pork

Shoe size: Eight (8)

Drinks: Anything non-alcoholic

Any pre-game superstitions? – None

When did you start playing Netball? 2009.

Who introduced you to netball? I was asked by my former coach Mr Tapera to try netball since I was the tallest girl at High school. In fact at first it was just a matter of making the numbers and besides I was not at all interested in the sport. I later participated at the under 20 youth games in 2010 and was called by the late Faresi Johns to join her team ZDF. I then got employed with ZDF in 2012 and from there I never looked back.

Best Highlights – Our league match against ZRP Mambas.

Targets in Rainbow Netball League – To finish in top two

Any advice to improve netball in the country – There should always be impartiality in the selection of national team players and also umpires should make sure that they practice fairness in their officiating.

Would you recommend this sport to other people and why would you? Yes, it is a good sport. People should get involved as it has been a breakthrough for most players. Some have managed to get employed while some have gotten scholarships. It can also help you to remain fit.

How was your first time experience with the national team? It was not good. The welcome treatment you get as a new player is very bad and I also realised that the old players had a say on the selection of players and if they don’t like you, you go nowhere.

People think you and your teammates are not disciplined? We are one of the disciplined teams in the league. It is only that we are very outspoken. People hate us because we say the truth.



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