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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

SINGER Chief Shumba Hwenje reckons sanctions have stalled progress and left the majority poorer.

The lanky singer, whose birth name is Admire Sanyanga Shumba, says infrastructural development under the Second Republic, might have quadrupled had it not been for the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the US and its allies.

Chief Hwenje

The 34-year-old said this in solidarity with SADC nations who have made October 25 a special day to speak against the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.


Better known for endorsing President Mnangagwa’s credentials and leadership qualities over the years, the ED Pfee singer said he would not hesitate to speak his mind against the embargo which has stalled progress.

Chief Hwenje

“I have never been shy to speak my mind against sanctions because we are all feeling their effects.


“As a musician, I am using my voice to do so and I will not stop because this fight must be undertaken by us to send the message out there.


“World over the, the young people have always been on the forefront fighting for what is rightfully theirs,” he said.


Hwenje applauded the Second Republic for its commitment towards changing the welfare of the people.


“Our Government, has been working round the clock to ensure to spruce up infrastructure.


“To date, the new Parliament Building is almost done while our roads are now ranked among the best.


“Had it not been for these sanctions, Zimbabwe might have made a lot of progress but I am happy with the status quo when it comes to progress on the ground,” he said.


Hwenje said he was looking forward to October 25 which is usually marked with festivities.


“I can’t wait for the day because it’s a bit special to us since it affords us the platform to speak against sanctions.


“However, we should not wait for October 25 to make the noise since these sanctions are hurting us a lot.


“I have always been singing about these issues in my songs and I won’t stop,” he said.


Meanwhile, Hwenje is set to release his fifth album titled Vanhu Vasatani featuring Hosiah Chibanga.


Besides this album, Chipnga has four other studio albums namely Hwenje Tiri Musanga recorded in the year 2016, Chembere Ine Mhanza (2017), Akonzera Ndiwe (2018) and Judas Mutengesi.


He also collaborated with more than 10 artistes among them Kapfupi, Allan Chimbetu, Vharazipi, Romeo Gasa, Obert Chari, Mathias Mhere, Kireni Zulu, Mark Ngwazi, Suluman Chimbetu, Norman Tapambwa, Baba Machanic Manyeruke among others.


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