Chief Malaba statement on Covid-19

26 Mar, 2020 - 12:03 0 Views
Chief Malaba statement on Covid-19 Chief Justice Luke Malaba


Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

Chief Justice Luke Malaba has issued a statement on the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected the judicial system in Zimbabwe as pending cases and judgments hang in the limbo.

In a communique sent out to all the judicial staff yesterday, Chief justice urged the staffers to remain hopeful and maintain work related spirit.

Below is the statement in full . . .

“I urge you to keep safe and to strictly follow the recommendations and instructions that are given by the country’s leadership including the Ministry of health.

“It is only keeping in keeping safe that we will be able to sail through the challenges Covid-19 has presented to mankind.

“My message is to give you hope that this diseases, pandemic as it is, cannot annihilate the existence of humanity.

“These unique challenges will pass in due time.

“I remain optimistic for the future of our organization, our country, the region and the world over.

“I am aware experts all over the world are working round the clock to find ways in which to overcome it, but the impact of this disease should never be allowed to leaves us in a state of despair, neither should it leave us in a state of exasperation.

“Or passion for work, careers and professions should never be extinguished by this unfortunate tragedy, as I am certain that amid this tragedy, something else will bloom.

“We should keep this in our minds and be hopeful that we will overcome.

“I want to urge all members of the Judicial Service Commission to take advantage of t6he scaling down of operations in our offices and in courts; and the self-quarantine not only to spend more time with our families bit also ton reflect on our profession and work.

“Let’s this time as an opportunity to deal with all the work that we could do in our offices; to attend to all our reserved judgments and outstanding reviews; and to sharpen our skills in the respective disciplines that we serve the organization in.

“Let us not be overwhelmed by fear. But let us be positive and never lose hope.

“I urge you rise with expectation and resilience.

“We should respond to these unfortunate incidents by doing that which could not do during the time we have been busy with the work on our desks, chambers and courtrooms so that when the situation normalizes, which I am confident it will, we will have a clear Strategy and ideas which we wish to communicate and contribute to the positive being of the organization.

“It is my hope that by that time, we will be refreshed and rejuvenated so much that there is efficiency and effectiveness in the manner we deliver justice to the people of the country, and we will be raring to go and play our part as critical team players in the Judicial Service Commission.

“Yes, Covid-19 has cast a dark cloud not only on Zimbabwe, but the world over; but no matter how dark the time we are going through is, the sun will definitely shine again. We shall overcome. It is my fervent hope that when this storm is over, you and your families will be in good health. I wish you well.”


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