Chigove hits back

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Chigove hits back


2 November 2018

DYNAMOS coach Lloyd Chigowe has hit back at Triangle coach Taurai Mangwiro ahead of their Premiership clash at Rufaro on Sunday.

Mangwiro blasted Dynamos last week saying that the institution is now a circus where only two of the players are fit for his team.

“I can only say that talk is cheap and for a respectable member of the coach fraternity, I think he must hold his horses

“Whilst you guys say Triangle beat us technically and tactically, my own analysis is that we gave them the result the first goal was a sloppy marking from a corner kick, it was not an open play. The other one was a sloppy clearance.

“But overall l thought we were coming on into the game, were it not that the ref had been hit by a missile probably we could’ve gotten an equaliser.

“That stoppage time allowed the Triangle coach to reorganize his troops and absolved the pressure then everything went for them.

“I also thought the referee short changed us in terms of time when we resumed play. I thought probably because of the incident occurred he did not add an injury time and it cost us the game,” he said.

“My target is that we will try to finish the season on a high note, it would be quite an achievement if we can get all the three fames wrapped up.

“But l would think that if we get two draws and a win that would be enough for us but we go all out for three points times three.”

Chigowe has also shared his thoughts on the suspension of Marshall Machazane, Peace Makaha, Obey Mwerahari and Kingston Nkhatha.

“Naturally when there is an earthquake it’s bound to create some tremors within the team but we have tried to bring back the calm.

“And to have the boys focused on the job at hand, it’s not easy losing your senior players.

“Peace Makaha has been within the institution for quite some time and Marshall Machazane has also played very well but when the institution makes a decision everybody has to comply,” he said.

He added:

“We have always been fighting in adversity and through adversity because when l came in we lost Ocean Mushure, we also had Panashe Mutasa not reporting for training.

“We have Denver Mukamba who is wayward; we lost young Romario Matova who went to Turkey. We have also been hit by a number of injuries on the journey to survival. But we will have to stick together and pull through.

“You realise that when you are dealing with youngsters, you have to help them focus and also motivate them to realise where they are going and where they are coming from.

“We also want them to realise the bigger picture which that is they survive relegation they also are heroes with the Dynamos family, the fans and we are playing for the fans.

“They are a family that needs to be respected and we must give our all to make sure that they are happy at the end of the day, “he said.

He added;

“The aspect of our health is not right because obviously we would have needed a full strength squad

“In the olden days they used to field 14 players only which means we will use all the substitutes and the goalkeeper

“But in football anything can happen, I think with unity and correct attitude will be able to do the job.”



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