Chikore trial deferred further

11 Jun, 2019 - 10:06 0 Views
Chikore trial deferred further Simba Chikore (R)


Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter

THE trial of former president Robert Mugabe’s son-in-law was yesterday deferred further to September pending finalisation of a review at the High Court.

Simbarashe Mutsahuni Chikore and his alleged accomplice were back in court yesterday before Harare regional magistrate Nyasha Vhitorini.

Representing Chikore, top lawyer Jonathan Samkange produced a High Court order staying proceedings at the lower court pending finalization of the review of the application for discharge that was dismissed by the presiding magistrate Victoria Mashamba.

“When the matter was remanded to today it was to enable an urgent chamber application which was granted by Justice Mangwanya however the State hasn’t filed its heads of arguments in response hence it cannot be heard in this legal term, so if the court is amenable, may the matter be remanded to September.

“Even if they submit their heads of arguments today, the High Court roll is full so it will not be heard in this term,” said Samkange.

Prosecuting George Manokore opposed the lengthy remand praying on the court to give the matter an intermediary date in July to be made aware of the progress of the matter in the High Court.

Magistrate Vhitorini ruled that it was senseless for the matter to be remanded to July after Samkange had given proof as to why they made an application for the matter to be remanded to September, concluding that it would only be prejudicial to remand the accused persons to an earlier date knowing that they would not be heard.

Subsequently, the matter was remanded to September 17.

Chikore and Mutimbe stand accused of unlawfully detaining Zimbabwe Airways company secretary Bertha Zakeyo.

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